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ACCU STAFFING RELATIONSHIPS Good Business Is Built On Relationships WITH ADAM MALAMUT OF MALAMUT & ASSOCIATES AND CHRISTOPHER POWELL OF HARDENBERGH INSURANCE GROUP B usiness, when it comes right down to its essence, is all about relationships. Whether that is between a salesperson and a customer, two businesspeople working together or a person providing a service to another, relationships are fundamental to a fruitful relationship. Insurance is no different. At Hardenbergh Insurance Group, that holds especially true for professionals like Christopher Powell. Perhaps one of the best examples of this in action is what HIG has done for Malamut & Associates, a law firm that has worked with HIG for many years. Adam Malamut has known Chris Powell for over 25 years, initially while working together at a business in Cherry Hill and maintaining a friendship over the years since. That friendship led to Adam approaching Chris (and HIG) to handle their insurance business, knowing what kind of person Chris was and trusting him to handle things in the right way. Since that time, HIG has provided Malamut & Associates with a number of services, meeting with Adam regularly each year to discuss exposures and risks. As the firm has grown, so has the work that HIG has done for them, engaging with each of their expansions to help handle professional liability, among other things. As Malamut grows, so do their risk management needs, and HIG has been there to help with every step. Adam, a hard-working entrepreneur, continually looks for opportunities and partnerships, but he doesn’t lose focus of the fact that carrying sufficient coverage and providing benefits to staff is a key to successful growth. handling your insurance needs? Is it only when the time comes for a renewal? If so, it might pay to think about a change. At HIG, professionals get to know you and your business inside and out. After all, that’s the best way to make sure you are covered when it matters. For more information about what HIG can do for you and your business, you can reach us at 856-489-9100 or at HIG.net. + Let’s talk niches. Day spas, sports teams, and low-income housing builders. They all need coverage they can count on. Philadelphia Insurance Companies provides protection for more than 120 niche, real-world industries. We know every niche business has some risk, and each deserves exceptional protection and service. Experience the PHLY difference. Call 800.873.4552 or visit PHLY.com The relationship between Malamut & Associates and HIG is built on the relationship between Adam Malamut and Christopher Powell. Successful business ventures, in one way or another, come down to relationships between people. When two people each have a need that the other can satisfy, everyone will benefit. got a niche? How about your company? Do you have insurance needs that you haven’t been able to solve? How often do you get a chance to actually speak with the people who are 19PHLY qtr pg - Hardenberg Risk and Business.indd 1 10/29/2019 11:35:12 AM 5