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VISION PLANNING INTRODUCING NT24: A UNIQUE SERVICE TO KEEP YOUR EMPLOYEES AND BOTTOM LINE HEALTHY BY: NICHOLAS GODELLAS, SELECTIVE AVP, MEDICAL MANAGEMENT AND COST CONTAINMENT E very business owner wants to protect their biggest asset - their employees. And despite safety policies and procedures, accidents do still happen. Employers are looking for a solution to control workers’ compensation costs and return-to-work initiatives after a work-related injury. Selective has the answer in a unique service for Commercial Lines customers. Nurse Triage Service through Coventry (NT24) is a dedicated team of registered nurses, reached through a toll-free number, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Using nationally recognized triage guidelines, a nurse will consult with employees on non- life-threatening injuries to advise if a visit to the hospital, an urgent care, a call to 911 or self-care is the best route of care. Part of what makes NT24 such a valuable resource is that it is available at no additional cost to our customers. A simple call to NT24 also serves as the First Notice of Loss, so a second call to Selective to report the claim is eliminated. This seamless reporting to Selective reduces the lag time between the incident and the report, for a faster, more streamlined resolution. Additionally, NT24 nurses have access to the PPO network, so if treatment at a hospital or clinic is recommended, they can find a preferred provider for the injured employee. Without a procedural response to injuries in place, employees typically default to visiting an emergency room, which can be costly and often not medically necessary. A recommendation by a medical professional for the appropriate level of care will ensure the earliest intervention possible for return-to-work initiatives. Clients who use a nurse triage service like NT24 see significant results: in just six months, one client saw reductions in medical-only claims, a lower average cost per claim and reductions in indemnity claims. Nearly 50 percent of NT24 callers opted for self-care, which results in fewer missed workdays and fewer Workers’ Compensation claims. And 99 percent of employees who have used the NT24 service report satisfaction with the program. Learn more about the unique benefits of NT24 by talking to your independent agent. + SELECTIVE’S NURSE TRIAGE SERVICE (NT24) IS A UNIQUE BENEFIT FOR YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYEES. ● Dedicated registered nurses, available 24/7/365 ● Reduces workers compensation claims plus costs ● Facilitates return-to-work initiatives ● Serves as First Notice of Loss Learn more about NT24 by talking to your independent agent. © 2019 Selective Ins. Group, Inc., Branchville, NJ. Products vary by jurisdiction, terms, and conditions and are provided by Selective Ins. Co. of America and its insurer affiliates. Details at selective.com/about/ affiliated-insurers.aspx. INST-19-044