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FLEET MANAGEMENT THE FUTURE OF FLEET MANAGEMENT IS HERE BY ROBERT REDDEN – SELECTIVE INSURANCE VICE PRESIDENT, AGENCY DEVELOPMENT, MARKET PLANS & INNOVATION M itigating risk is an important aspect of keeping your employees and company safe, especially when business occurs out on the open road. If your fleet of vehicles is the cornerstone of your unique business, Selective® Drive is the fleet management system you need to keep it all under control. Selective® Drive includes a small device that plugs into any vehicle’s 12V outlet, and pairs with an app on each driver’s smartphone. The system monitors several key items such as driving behavior, phone usage, and vehicle health data. The fleet manager will be able to monitor driver and vehicle locations in real time, with reporting on distracted driving behavior, harsh acceleration or braking, and time spent idling. Fleet Managers can easily track each driver’s location with the detailed map, and get notifications if they travel outside a set geographic boundary with the Geo Fencing feature. With a robust set of features and a user- friendly design, Selective® Drive keeps you, your drivers, and your vehicles working efficiently. Selective® Drive is available exclusively to Selective’s commercial customers, at no additional cost, and it does not impact rates. It’s just one of the many ways that your business can Be Uniquely Insured with Selective. Information you glean from Selective® Drive allows you to celebrate your safety- conscious drivers with the highest scores or allow you to provide helpful feedback SM and safety training to those who need it. Fuel usage, vehicle recalls, and proactive maintenance reminders round out the list of this full-featured fleet management solution. Selective® Drive helps you encourage safe driving, reduce fuel costs, and efficiently manage your fleet of vehicles and your drivers. The data Selective® Drive collects will not be used to determine your premiums. And best of all, this technologically-advanced fleet management system is included at no additional cost to Selective’s commercial policyholders. Ask your independent agent about Selective® Drive or visit drive.selective.com to learn more and apply. + PUTS FLEET MANAGERS IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT ● Monitor drivers and vehicles ● Reduce fuel costs ● Does not impact rates Ask your independent agent or learn more at drive.selective.com © 2019 Selective Ins. Group, Inc., Branchville, NJ. Products vary by jurisdiction, terms, and conditions and are provided by Selective Ins. Co. of America and its insurer affiliates. Details at selective.com/about/affiliated-insurers.aspx. INST-19-027 12