Risk & Business Magazine Hardenbergh Insurance Group Magazine Summer 2018 | Page 5

16 feature DR. MARSHALL GOLDSMITH BAD HABITS OF SUPER-SMART LEADERS CONTENTS 5 LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT 6 THE FUTURE OF ACA 7 TAX REFORM OPTIMISM AND FINANCIAL MARKET SHAKINESS 8 THE FORGOTTEN EXCLUSION Section 1202 9 TO BUY OR TO BUILD,THAT IS THE QUESTION Expert Tim Miller Weighs In 10 BODY LANGUAGE TIPS FOR ENTREPRENEURS 12 FIVE WAYS A BUSINESS LOSES SALES 14 FIND MORE TIME IN YOUR DAY 20 STEPS TO BUILDING AN ONLINE INFLUENCE 22 TEN PUBLIC SPEAKING TIPS 24 INTERVIEW BETTER: Myth’s Exploded 25 FACEBOOK: Profiteering & YOUR Data 26 KEEPING YOUR WORKPLACE SAFE AND PRODUCTIVE 28 CRIME INSURANCE: It’s More Than You Think It Is 30 ONLINE APPLICANT TRACKING AND EMPLOYEE ONBOARDING 31 SMALL BEGINNINGS LEAD TO BIG IMPACTS:: LARC School WELCOME Dear Business Owner: I am excited for you to read the second issue of Hardenbergh Insurance Group’s publication, Risk & Business. As committed members of the Delaware Valley business community, we have developed this magazine to share thought leadership about a wide range of topics that may impact your business on a daily basis. We hope these insights will help your business grow and prosper in the months and years ahead. This issue centers on leadership. The articles are written to help you understand how to be a better leader. If put into practice, these articles can help you in many areas of leadership, such as accomplishing more in the existing time you have, learning to be a better public speaker, or breaking the bad habits that even the best leaders typically make. Hopefully, we all recognize that we can grow in this area no matter how good a leader we are today. I encourage you to read these articles and take them to heart while making yourself better. I know I will! We will also use this publication to bring you useful information from local business owners like yourself that will help you continue to thrive in our region, with the goal of inspiring you to continue to evolve and improve your own business. We welcome your feedback and ideas as you read through the issue. Finally, I would like to personally thank each of you for your contributions toward growing our local economy and supporting our local communities. It’s business owners like you that help everyone thrive in the region. I hope this magazine helps you achieve greater things and brings unique ideas that will continue to grow your business. Jon Sharp President Hardenbergh Insurance Group [email protected] 5