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WORKPLACE HCM Online Applicant Tracking And Employee Onboarding BY FRANK PLUM THE JOB APPLICATION AND APPLICANT TRACKING PROCESSES CAN BE CONDUCTED COMPLETELY ONLINE. ONCE AN INDIVIDUAL’S INFORMATION IS ENTERED INTO THE SYSTEM — SAY, IN RESPONSE TO A JOB POSTING —IT RESIDES THERE UNTIL YOU DELETE IT. W hile enterprise-level companies are uniformly using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems like Oracle and SAP, small- and medium-sized businesses can reap many of the same benefits in less expensive ways. You may already be using an automated system to process your payroll, but you would be surprised at how a fully integrated HRIS (Human Resource Information System) or HRMS (Human Resource Management System) can improve your productivity. These systems work by putting virtually the entire HR function online, customized for each individual company. The process covers everything: recruiting, employee onboarding, time and attendance, benefit enrollment, payroll, and even human resource compliance. Implementing an HRIS will greatly increase employee efficiency and improve productivity overall. Recruiting and hiring with an HRIS, for example, is much easier than doing the process manually. You only have to submit a single posting, which the system populates to each individual job board. There is no 30 need to go through the tedious process of creating an account every time you want to post the position on a new site. The job application and applicant tracking processes can also be conducted completely online. Once an individual’s information is entered into the system—say, in response to a job posting—it resides there until you delete it. Even if an applicant is not considered for the position at hand, their account can be easily reengaged for another position with little effort by the company. When a candidate is hired, all paperwork— which can normally tie up your HR staff for hours—can be completed online well before the start of employment. Rather than drowning in forms, the employee can hit the ground running the first day, with a more positive experience and plenty of time to soak up new material. Errors from manual entry mistakes can also be avoided. Another critical benefit is that a professional HRIS system gets your company onto “the cloud.” When all your valuable employee data and other information—the engine of your business, really—is housed on the internet, it is safe from the kind of loss or damage that can result when data is stored locally on hard drives or paper files. Applicant tracking and onboarding are really just the tip of the iceberg. When you work with a custom software house that has deep experience in HR, its experts are able to mold the system to fit your exact needs and also provide assistance with implementation and ongoing support. Most custom HRIS providers will give you a complimentary consultation regarding pricing, capabilities, implementation schedules, and more. Workplace HCM is located in the same building as our neighbor Hardenbergh Insurance and we would love to talk to you. + Frank Plum has spent 13 years in payroll and human capital management. He is currently the President of Workplace HCM Inc. an industry leader in combining technology and personal service to streamline payroll and other workplace management processes. With Workplace, you can easily recruit, retain, manage, and grow your team with our powerful cloud-based payroll and human capital management software. Small, medium, and enterprise businesses count on our cloud-based technology and extensive suite of payroll, tax, time & attendance, HR, and unmatched personal service, to power their businesses.