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BODY LANGUAGE TIPS Language Body Tips For Entrepreneurs E ntrepreneurs face many body language challenges while starting their business. Unlike most people in business, entrepreneurs are doing the job of 10 people. They need to understand the body language for human resources professionals, for managers, for secretaries, for receptionists, for marketing, for sales…. the list goes on and on. I am currently writing my next body language video course for entrepreneurs and thought I could get the juices flowing by writing an article with some quick tips for entrepreneurs before diving deep into the body language for entrepreneurs advanced advice. As an entrepreneur myself, I have learned the hard way how important all aspects of the business world are to a startup. I often feel I have to be a Jack of all Trades (or, I guess a Jane of All Trades). I also believe that more people are entrepreneurs than they realize. Anyone who is pushing their business is an entrepreneur – hairdressers, freelancers, consultants, real estate brokers, financial advisors, salesmen, programmers are all entrepreneurs and need to learn body language. Body language tips are essential for getting higher returns, increasing your bottom line and making connections to sustain your business. Here are five very different business areas that an entrepreneur needs to master if he or she wants a successful business. These areas are usually split into different jobs, but the entrepreneur needs all of them. 10 Don’t cross your arms to show approachability. ENTREPRENEUR BODY LANGUAGE TIP #1: NETWORKING Networking is all about making powerful first impressions. These are the foundations for strong connections and getting more work. Research from the University of Ontario found that first impressions are extremely hard to change. Once you make a first impression on someone, it lasts for the duration of the relationship. Even new interactions that give a different impression are usually just seen as exceptions to the rule, not a change in the rule. So how do you make a killer first impression while networking? Here are some body language tips entrepreneurs can use to make a good first impression while networking: • Do point your feet towards them. One easy way to show someone you are really engaged is to point your feet towards them. This might not seem like much, but our brain actually registers the feet subconsciously. It also has the added benefit of forcing us to point our torso and head towards someone. This is a nonverbal way of telling someone you are interested and connected. • Do NOT overhead gaze. One of the worst things you can do while talking to someone for the first time is looking past them, over their head or to the other side of the room to see who else is in the room. This eye darting is seen as extremely suspicious and they will