Risk & Business Magazine Gillons Insurance Summer 2019 Magazine - Page 25

WAWANESA Wawanesa’s Agricultural Select: Farm Coverage Designed With Business In Mind W awanesa’s agricultural roots run deep. The first insurance policy the company issued—back in 1896—provided affordable coverage for a wooden thresher. Wawanesa has been proudly serving the needs of Canadian farmers ever since. Today, Wawanesa’s new Agricultural Select (Ag Select) offers large-scale grain, produce and oilseed farmers more coverage, flexibility, and peace of mind than ever. Developed with the input of commercial producers and farmer-focused insurance brokers, Ag Select is a comprehensive, fully customisable insurance product that makes it easier for farmers to get exactly the coverage they need. Tailored for operations of over 2,500 acres, Ag Select delivers flexible total farm coverage for the following: • All buildings and structures, including all contents related to the farm business • • • Agricultural equipment • Commercial comprehensive general liability protection against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage, regardless of whether an incident takes place on or off the farm or are caused by farm operations • Fire department service charges in the event of a fire, even if multiple municipalities respond to a single incident Seeds, fertilizers and chemicals Livestock, if those operations are incidental to grain, oilseed and produce operations Talk to your Gillons Insurance broker to learn how Wawanesa’s Ag Select coverage can be customized for your grain, produce, or oilseed operation. + “WE’VE BECOME THE LARGEST PROPERTY AND CASUALTY MUTUAL INSURER IN CANADA BECAUSE WE’VE GROWN ALONG WITH OUR CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS,” SAYS CAROL JARDINE, WAWANESA’S PRESIDENT OF CANADIAN P&C OPERATIONS. “WE’RE PROUD OF OUR LONG- STANDING COMMITMENT TO THE FARM COMMUNITY, AND EVERYTHING ABOUT AG SELECT WAS CREATED WITH THE NEEDS OF MODERN FARM OPERATIONS IN MIND.”