Risk & Business Magazine General Insurance Services Spring 2020 - Page 6

WELLNESS TRENDS 5 WELLNESS TRENDS FOR EMPLOYERS TO WATCH IN 2020 A s 2020 kicks off with new health plans in place, more employers than ever are realizing the benefit of employee wellness. Creating a healthy culture within the workplace will continue to be a priority for companies in 2020 for many different reasons. Employee wellness has demonstrated growing importance over the years, and it will certainly not lose any steam this year. In fact, 76 percent of employees think their workplace has a responsibility for their health and well-being, according to a MetLife survey. According to Gallup, 87 percent of employees expect their company to help them balance their work and personal lives. These statistics underscore the interconnectivity between well-being and engagement, while showing the importance of employer commitment to employee well-being. With these expectations in mind, here are five popular employee wellness trends to look out for in 2020: 1. HOLISTIC PLAN DESIGNS Employers are investing in wellness through more holistic plan designs. One service in particular is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAPs are being implemented to help employees address multiple stressors that both work and life create and that may have some effect on the employee’s performance. Employees can access completely confidential counseling, information, and resources in areas that may include, but are certainly not limited to, relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, financial problems, legal challenges, and stress. These plans give free access to short-term 6