Risk & Business Magazine General Insurance Services Spring 2020 - Page 10

CULTURE Defend Your Mind From The Culture Of Fear I recently went back and revisited book #3 in the Mind Capture series after an interview I did with Trailblazer Lee Milteer. She was fascinated by it, and a large amount of our interview time was spent discussing it. In particular, my belief in the power of a positive mind-set. We were both in 100 percent agreement that a positive, well-tuned mind-set is a serious matter when it comes to sustained happiness and focus in both life and business. I felt it timely and appropriate to review and pull from Chapter 4, “The Culture of Fear,” from the book, Mind Capture: How to Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Genius in a Time of Great Economic Change! THE CULTURE OF FEAR So, what determines and shapes your level of dealing with fear? There are several things, but here are a few vital clues: • What you watch, read, and say to others • • • • What you’ve learned and believe • With whom you associate What you think about the most What questions you ask What you do and the actions you take So what do I mean by “fear factor”? Here’s what I mean: How do you approach, handle, and respond to risk whether real or imagined. Everyone experiences fear. The challenge when fear presents itself is the game your mind 10