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16 feature TOM PETERS IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE CONTENTS 3 LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT & CEO 5 HOW DOES YOUR BUSINESS MEASURE UP? Eric Gibson 6 ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CYBER LIABILITY INSURANCE Kathy Henrich 8 AUTO INSURANCE Michelle Snider 9 CONTENT IS EVEN MORE KING David Meerman Scott 10 HOW COURAGEOUS LEADERS ARE RULING THE WORLD Susan Leger Ferraro and Deborah Leipziger 12 THE CHOICE OF BEING SUCCESSFUL Jack Daly 14 IDENTIFYING YOUR CONVERSATIONAL BLIND SPOTS Judith E. Glaser 16 IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE Tom Peters 20 START ON YOUR PATH TO SUCCESS Neil Pasricha 22 SCALING UP NATURE'S WAY Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker 24 3 UNIVERSAL TRUTHS ABOUT CONTENT MARKETING Lee Odden Welcome! LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT T hank you for taking some time to explore our spring issue of Risk & Business. A couple of the articles included in this magazine reference the fact that we’re all given 168 hours in every week. We’re grateful to you for using a part of one of those hours to explore our publication. Our main goal in producing this magazine is to provide some broader business insights that can help your organization grow and better achieve its mission. Ultimately, our mission is to Secure the Future of the Communities We Serve. We truly want to be a part of making Northwest Indiana a place where our children might one day want to raise their own children. We recognize we cannot accomplish that goal on our own, but working in collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations in Northwest Indiana—such as your own—we know we can make that a reality. To that end, we have compiled a variety of articles. Some written by members of our team and some written by national authors. Some of the articles are practical. Some inspiring. Some are professional and others are personal. All of them are human. We know that business is built on relationships, so if there is any way we might be able to assist you and your team in that regard, we would love to hear from you. + All the best, 25 NEW PARTNERSHIP AUDIT RULES TAKE EFFECT Diane Wilczewski 26 MEDICAID PLANNING Craig Menne, President & CEO 28 WHY PROACTIVE SAFETY PROGRAMS ARE BETTER THAN REACTIVE ONES Kim Ramsay WWW.GENINS.COM 30 RISK MANAGEMENT CENTER 3