Risk & Business Magazine General Insurance Services Magazine Spring 2018 - Page 3

16 feature GRAHAM WESTON CUSTOMERS & COMMUNITY CONTENTS 3 LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT & CEO 4 WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH GIS 5 WHY YOU NEED EPLI Are You Protected? 7 TWENTY-FIVE MOST COMMONLY STOLEN PASSWORDS 8 WHY COMPANY CULTURE MATTERS 9 LAYER CAPABILITIES 10 SOLVE YOUR PEOPLE PUZZLE Treat Recruitment Like An Ongoing, Strategic Sales Process 12 PRE-SUASION Selling Into The Ideal Moment 14 COMMUNICATION Work Problems 20 GREAT BUSINESS LEADERS 22 THE SURPRISING SKILLS NEEDED IN THE FUTURE 24 A BRIDGE TO ABUNDANCE Welcome! LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT T hank you for taking some time to explore our inaugural Risk & Business Magazine. Our goal in creating this publication is twofold. First, we hope to provide some insights that may better protect you and your organization. As one of the leading risk advisory firms in Indiana, we’re privileged to work with a wide variety of individuals and organizations in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors. We hope some of those perspectives and experiences can help you make an immediate, positive impact on your organization. Our second goal in producing this magazine is to provide some broader business insights that can help your organization grow and better achieve its mission. Ultimately, our mission is to Secure the Future of the Communities We Serve. We truly want to be a part of making Northwest Indiana a place where our children might one day want to raise their own children. We recognize we cannot accomplish that goal on our own, but working in collaboration with like-minded organizations in Northwest Indiana such as your own, we know we can make that a reality. Please enjoy this publication and if you find any of the articles helpful, we would love to hear your feedback. 25 SMALL COMPANIES CAN SELF-FUND TOO 26 TOP 10 OSHA VIOLATIONS IN 2017 28 NEW TRUCKING TECHNOLOGY MAY HELP LOWER INSURANCE BILLS Craig Menne, President & CEO 30 CONFRONTING THE DISTRACTED DRIVING CRISIS WWW.GENINS.COM 3