Risk & Business Magazine General Insurance Services - Fall 2020 - Page 28

REMOTE AND ON-SITE EMPLOYEES Bridging The Gap Between Remote And On-Site Employees As we look into what the workplace will look like post-coronavirus, the reality for many employers may involve supporting a geographically distant workforce. Some employees may be returning to an onsite work location while others will be working remotely long term, or even permanently. Teams comprised of both remote and on-site employees may not only be the current reality but also the new normal. The expansion of remote work affects each organization uniquely, and employers should consider what actions may help bridge the gap between all employees. THE EXPANSION OF REMOTE WORK Consulting firm PwC conducted a study of current use and preferences for remote work, surveying both executives and employees impacted by their employers’ choices. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers expedited their remote work practices—often, within a matter of weeks. Results from executives surveyed found the following: • 73% deemed their COVID-19 remote work adaption successful; • 55% planned to extend their workfrom-home policies for at least one day a week; and • the number of organizations that engaged in remote work increased by 39% during the pandemic. 28