Risk & Business Magazine General Insurance Services - Fall 2020 - Page 10

SMART TECHNOLOGY Technologies To Make Your Home And Kids Smarter " No more iPad!” yelled by every parent, everywhere in the world. The technology, in itself, isn’t bad for our kids or for us. Rather, it’s often the way we use it inside our homes that can become problematic. There will always be “moments” where you hand over your phone or tablet to your child because mommy/daddy need some “me time.” Make these moments of relying on screens to babysit our kids the exception, rather than the norm. It will also lessen the “screen guilt” syndrome that parents often experience. While the peace and quiet is nice, parents often feel guilty when their kids turn into “zombies” after excessive screen time. Or, a child or teenager will throw a tantrum when you try to remove said device from their clutches. There has to be a better way. So, to kick this year off, I experimented with a few technologies and incorporated them at home with my kids. We called it Operation Smarter Home. Through much trial and error, here are the three technological wonders that have helped improve my relationship with my daughters. While every household differs, and there are many more choices than the ones listed below, my hope is that this will help put the smart back into your home, too. 10