Risk & Business Magazine General Insurance Service Spring 2021 | Page 28


8 Risks

To Watch Out For When Buying A Home

Picture this .

Your family sitting around the kitchen table laughing about the events of the day .
Your children running down the stairs on Christmas morning to see the gifts from Santa .
Your friends gathered poolside , enjoying a Barbecue on a warm summer day .
Your dog playing fetch in the yard .
For many people , this is what dreams are made of . Often our greatest motivation is to protect and provide for our families .
And it begins with the decision to purchase a home . Maybe it ’ s a starter house or maybe it ’ s your forever home . In any case , home is the starting place of love , hope , dreams , and many memories to be made .
Buying a home is one of the most important decisions and greatest investments you will ever make . In the excitement of the buying process , it can be easy to overlook the risks you are taking on with the purchase of your new living space , especially in today ’ s seller ’ s market where the number of available homes is scarce .
Before you finalize that purchase , you should first assess the risks that come with it and consult with an insurance professional who can help you effectively mitigate these risks .
But let ’ s be real — insurance isn ’ t everyone ’ s favorite topic . It can be complicated , costly , and just downright inconvenient .
Think of it this way , though . A homeowner ’ s insurance policy isn ’ t just designed to replace a house if the unexpected happens . It ’ s designed to protect your family , your children , your friends , and your dog . It ’ s designed to