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“ Some of the richest mentoring I have experienced is through ‘ reverse mentoring ’ where a younger generation employee partners with a more senior employee and they agree to share lessons learned with one another ,” says Michael Arena , Chief Talent Officer at GM , so consider pairingup team members from different demographics . Those in the older demographics likely possess critical institutional knowledge and have collected a vast amount of life experience that would be beneficial to the younger generation , while those in the younger generation likely know all about the latest and greatest technology and how to find important bits of information rapidly , which they can pass onto their mentoring partner .
TAP INTO THE POTENTIAL COACH WITHIN EVERYONE . Hidden within many individuals is a fountain of information and knowledge waiting to be shared with the broader team . You can encourage your own team members to become coaches and trainers by allowing them to hold their own miniseminars on an important topic or skill . Or if your organization offers software and applications , like its own private YouTube Channel or an intranet , encourage them to create and share their own learning content , stories , and tips for where to access the best learning activities .
Don Jones , former Vice President , Learning , Natixis Global Asset Management shared this example in a recent interview :
Employees are becoming “ content developers ” for our learning organization . Imagine a top sales person in the field giving his pitch on a certain product . He then uploads the content and others in the organization can share their thoughts and comments through Salesforce Chatter , or other online discussion groups . This is an example of the power of free-flowing knowledge that can be exchanged in an organization . It energizes , engages , and encourages learning . Plus , these videos and comments become material to create content to show our new sales hires during sales training .
SUPPORT DAILY LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES . We ’ ve heard from a number of Chief Learning Officers who say employees regularly claim they don ’ t engage in learning activities because they don ’ t believe their managers would support them . It ’ s up to you to change this perception by creating an environment where it ’ s not only acceptable , but encouraged to use office time to engage in learning activities . Suggest that they digest small bites of content when it fits into their schedules during the day , or look for creative and engaging ways that you can bring learning and development into daily activities for your people .
SEEK FORMAL TRAINING . It seems obvious , but if you want your staff to engage in ongoing learning activities , then you ’ re going to have to model that behavior yourself . Consider seeking out formal training to enhance and improve your hard and soft skills , whether it ’ s one class , a certification program , or completing a more formal executive education or leadership training curriculum . In today ’ s modern world , you have numerous opportunities to engage higher education be it through an online , distance , local on campus , or a hybrid program . Pursing a more formal training program is one of the wisest investments you can make in your development .
Managers have an enormous impact on an organization ’ s ability to retain and attract top talent , and they remain the preferred , go-to source for passing on knowledge , skills , and insights to others in an organization .
The good news is that great coaches aren ’ t born ; they ’ re made through dedication , commitment , and practice . By taking the initiative and proactively working to become a better coach , you will elevate not only your own performance , but that of your team , and by extension , your organization . +
Keith Ferrazzi is the Chairman and Founder of Ferrazzi Greenlight , a research institute founded on the pillars of behavioral science and its effects on business . Keith started his career as the youngest CMO at Deloitte Consulting , then went onto become CMO of Starwood Hotels and Resorts , founded and sold two companies , and solidified his status as a successful entrepreneur . Keith now works with high-impact teams within Fortune 100 companies all over the world transforming and cultivating behavioral change , radically affecting business operations .
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