Risk & Business Magazine General Insurance Service Spring 2021 | Page 16


The Simple Negotiation Exercise You Can Try Today

The Most Dangerous Negotiation Is The One You Don ’ t Know You ’ re In .

Luckily , there ’ s an easy way to become aware of this : If the words I want or I need are about to come out of your mouth , then you ’ re about to enter into a negotiation .

Next time this is happening to you , try this little exercise that works like a charm every time . It ’ s easy peasy , and it ’ s great practice for the cold read and a quick accusations audit .
I ask people for directions all the time . I always have . Generally ( as a side note ), you may have to ask three different people to find out how to get somewhere ( which , in the long run , is faster than wandering around ). As soon as they say You can ’ t miss it , you know they left out an important detail .
The closest guy or gal at hand probably knows exactly what you ’ re looking for . More often than not , they just really don ’ t feel like telling you . You can almost hear what they ’ re thinking when you make your approach . They saw you wandering around a mile away , read your body language , and