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life will benefit , but also for all the people depending on us : our spouse , children , friends , employees , coworkers , Customers , and our community .
Living an extraordinary life is living fully . I believe that we all have enormous potential inside each of us , and if there are parts of that potential that we do not develop , we are cheating the rest of the world out of the contribution that we could have made .
So if I don ’ t live fully , I don ’ t just deny myself a lot of joy and satisfaction ; I deny the rest of the people in the world the benefit of what I could have contributed . Success is when you are firing on all eight cylinders , mentally , physically , emotionally , with family , socially , in your career , financially , and spiritually — all of those are part of you and they all deserve your very best . Living an extraordinary life is like when the flight attendant says , “ You must put your own oxygen mask on first before helping those around you .” When you first hear that , it actually sounds a bit selfish . However , what use will you be to anyone else if you do not take care of yourself first ?
A personal purpose statement is not something you just write out , post , and expect automatic achievement from . You need to make yourself accountable — it needs to be measurable . For me , living an extraordinary life means there are so many things I need to be working on daily , personally , and professionally . It is everything from whom I am spending my time with ( are they positive or negative influences in my life ?) to my health , exercise , and diet . Some people think that if they eat junk food all day , that is their business . However , I realize that if I eat a poor diet , it is one of the most selfish things I can do . Because when I get home after work , I am going to be exhausted and irritable and not have any good energy left to spend with my boys . Therefore , I just cheated them . It is not only living longer , but it is the quality of life I want to have during my fifties , sixties , and beyond .
Any time I am feeling like I am not living an extraordinary life , and that is more times than I like to admit , I can look at my key drivers and see why — see what I am neglecting — and hopefully I can get right back on track .
I invite you to live an extraordinary life so countless others will . +
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Professional Development
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Network Plan Opportunity Goals Charity Encouragement
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