Risk & Business Magazine F.A. Peabody Insurance Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 5

16 feature PATRICK LENCIONI: CONQUERING TEAM DYSFUNCTION CONTENTS 5 LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT 6 F. A. PEABODY COMPANY A Portrait Of Growth And Diversity 8 RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS & AWARDS 9 A WORKAHOLIC’S LESSON ON LOVE & LOSS Lindsey Boggs - From The Ritz To a Padded Cell 12 BE A BETTER LEADER Be More Like Your Heroes 14 TEAM CULTURE There’s An App For That 16 PATRICK LENCIONI Conquering Team Dysfunction 20 ARE YOU AN ACCIDENTAL DIMINISHER? Diminishers Vs. Multipliers 22 IS CAREER REINVENTION IN YOUR FUTURE? 24 MIKE MICHALOWICZ A Simple Technique To Skyrocket Productivity WELCOME Welcome to our sixth and final edition of Risk & Business! It is fitting to end this journey by commemorating our ninety-year history with local articles devoted to the divisions, departments, and people that have made F. A. Peabody Company strong for a very long time. I’m proud of the work we’ve all accomplished over the years to build on the foundations laid by Frank Allen Peabody and those leaders and employees following his early years. To convey every detail of history in these short articles is impractical and impossible, but I’m hoping you are left with a sense of the development, risk, creativeness, and hard work undertaken over the years to achieve what is today, a great and complex organization. We observe impressions of life in a static moment in time; viewing our surroundings, community and place of employment as a paradigm or archetypes of existence that is and has always been. We easily forget how things came to be and quickly dismiss the evolving nature of a company, with the daily and sometimes difficult decisions made by many to create what you experience in the present day. Such is the case with F. A. Peabody Company and its subsidiaries; FAPCO Administrative Services and Pioneer Broadband. With hard work and focus, we’ve evolved to become something better than before. As we strive to deliver quality services while keeping our client’s best interests at heart, we hope to be better in the future. An organization not moving forward is actually moving somewhere; backward, or at best, sideways, but it is still moving. While history is important, it is in the spirit of moving forward with the dedication of our staff today that makes F. A. Peabody such an interesting place to work. A big ‘Thank You’ to the people found in these pages; past and present! We have accomplished much from those humble beginnings in Northern Maine. Read on and enjoy the journey! 26 FAPCO TIMELINE 28 FAPCO LIFE AND BENEFITS DIVISION In Good Health Sincerely, 29 FAPCO ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES A Story Of Trusts 30 PIONEER BROADBAND Lighting Up The Internet Christopher B. Anderson CPCU, WCP President F. A. PEABODY COMPANY 5