Risk & Business Magazine F.A. Peabody Insurance Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 26

TIMELINE 1931 - 33 1887 1931 - Carter’s interest is sold to Harvey Tompkins and immediately within one month, Tompkins sells to Lewis P. Bither. Bither serves as Secretary Treasurer and Clerk of the corporation. William Donnell opens insurance office in Houlton, Maine to provide fire and casualty insurance policies to the people of the Southern Aroostook County, Maine area. 1918 Donnell retires. Peabody partners with Alton E. Carter operating as The Peabody-Carter Company Frank Allen Peabody moves to Houlton from North Esk, New Brunswick, Canada and joins Donnell, locating their office in the Houlton Trust Company Block of Market Square. They name the business, The Donnell & Peabody Company. 1906 1933 – The Peabody Carter Company corporate charter is officially changed to The F. A. Peabody Company. Oscar Percival Benn joins the firm. 1956 FAPCO hires the first dedicated Life, Health & Benefits producer further diversifying the agency. 1st Branch office location established in Sherman Mills, Maine. 1942 – Bither resigns and Benn is elected Clerk and Secretary Treasurer of the corporation. The Peabody & Carter Company incorporates the business in the State of Maine. Frank A. Peabody becomes its president and board chairman. *1927* 1946 - Frederick Sylvester joins the firm and becomes its Clerk and Secretary Treasurer. 1947 – Oscar Percival Benn elected president of F.A. Peabody Company (FAPCO). 1942 - 47 1960 –FAPCO diversifies into real estate brokerage under the direction of Sylvester under the trade name, F. A. Peabody Real Estate. 1961 – Robert Eugene Anderson joins the firm. 1967 – Benn retires, R. E. Anderson is elected president and chairman of the board. 1968 - Walter Ervine Burlock joins the firm F.A Peabody Company - Today 26 1979 Property Casualty Insurance Office Locations 9 Life & Benefits Office Locations 3 Insurers Represented >50 States Licensed 12 Number of Insurance Division Employees 77 Number of Internet Service Employees 15 Number of Administrative Services Employees 3 Employees with Professional Designations 64 1972 – Fred Sylvester retires. 1973 - Walter Burlock elected Secretary/Clerk/Treasurer of the company. 1960 - 73