Risk & Business Magazine Cooke Insurance Group Magazine Winter 2018 | Page 5

16 feature ADAM GRANT: STOP SERVING THE FEEDBACK SANDWICH CONTENTS 5 LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT 6 DATA BREACHES 7 EMPLOYEE SECURITY TRAINING 9 HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK Gary Vaynerchuk 12 HAPPY TO BE HEALTHY Gretchen Rubin 14 REFERRAL MAGIC Tony Rubleski 20 GREAT IDEAS NEED GREAT IMPLEMENTATION Jordan Belfort 22 SLOW MARKETING Ann Handley 24 FIVE WAYS TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS Verne Harnish WELCOME Welcome to our newest issue of Cooke Insurance Risk & Business Magazine! In this edition, we are focusing on issues related to computers, cloud computing, and risks your organisation—or you personally—could be facing without your knowledge. When I talk to people about cyber-related issues, I find that most people believe they have their risks covered through their own combination of hardware, software, and routers. Unfortunately, the reality is that most cyber-attacks occur by manipulating employees to divulge confidential information— termed “social engineering”—rather than through vulnerabilities in the computer system itself. Since many employees respond to information requests as a normal course of business, it’s easy to see how a hacker’s request for sensitive information could slip by without raising any alarm bells. We believe the way to minimise security breaches is to fully educate staff about cyber threats, although we recognise that no approach is completely foolproof. Toward this end, we are introducing a Cyber Employer/Employee Education Training Program, an online system for training employees to recognise potential signs of fraud. The system includes multiple training modules, videos, and sessions, and automatically sends progress reports to management through a custom dashboard. We also conduct follow-up testing to gauge which employees still may need further training. As you look through the magazine, pay attention to any vulnerabilities you or your company might be facing in the cyber area. Your best bet is to be proactive in learning all you can about potential exposures so you can implement programs to stay ahead of the problem. 26 EMPLOYEE VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT 27 DARK WEB BREACH ASSESSMENT & SECURITY TRAINING 29 CYBER SECURITY FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS 31 CONTROL YOUR BENEFITS COST WITHOUT THE HEADACHE Jeff Cooke, President [email protected] COOKE.CA 5