Risk & Business Magazine California Risk & Business Magazine Summer 2017 | Page 29

THANK-YOU NOTES if it happened just a few times a month? How many extra appointments would you book? How many extra accounts would you close? After booking the appointment, I proceeded to write him another note to thank him for taking my call again and for agreeing to meet with me. It also served to confirm our appointment by reminding him of the date and time of our meeting. Since I was still so green in the business, I asked David to come along and help me close the deal. Sitting down in my prospect’s office, he only had two things neatly positioned on his desk—my two thank-you notes. Before we began our chat, he started the meeting by telling us how lazy his salespeople were and how they only send emails. He said that he wished he could get his salespeople to take the time to write handwritten notes like I did with him, and he even acknowledged how impressed he was with my first note since it was sent after he had admittedly hung up on me. He continued to say that if what we had to offer was even half as good as what I had told him over the phone, that I’d have a new client and could thank my handwritten notes for it. We closed the deal that morning and he remains a client to this very day. Do I have the handwritten thank-you notes to thank for that new deal? Perhaps, but I would give more thanks to David for giving me such sage advice. Would you like to train your sales team on this simple and yet very effective method for securing new business appointments with prospects? Are you curious as to what I wrote in my thank-you note that helped secure my appointment? Feel free to contact me directly and I’d be glad to share! + Eric Silverman, Principal and Owner of the Silverman Benefits Group, has recruited, trained, and developed more than 2,000 commission sales agents, interns, and broker partners, which has led to the securing of more than 2,500 commercial payroll accounts and the generation of more than $65,000,000 in annualized revenue over his seventeen-year career. He was selected as a Rising Star in Advising by Employee Benefit Adviser magazine where he serves as a contributing monthly columnist focused on stories and lessons learned throughout his career in recruiting, sales, marketing, and leadership. Eric can be reached at (443) 676-0340, Esilverman@ silvermanbenefits.com, on LinkedIn, on Twitter @SilvermanSBG, at his website SilvermanBenefits.com, or through his business Facebook page, facebook.com/ SilvermanBenefits. 29