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Great coaches , mentors and CEOs are all very good at having a certain intuition about which player , talent , or future leader to bet on . There ’ s something about them . Somehow they know who ’ s going to be successful . They get credit for choosing and putting their money on the right people .

Think about it . What if there was a technology for you to be able to tell that Arnold Schwarzenegger would become who he is today when he was only 14 ? How about Michael Jordan , Alexander the Great , Reza Shah Pahlavi ? What if you could figure it out ahead of time ? Think about it . I mean , Reza Shah Pahlavi was given Iran at the age of 21 . Alexander the Great conquered two million square miles of the world . Can you tell ahead of time if somebody ’ s going to be successful ?
I ’ m here to tell you that there are seven signs that you ’ re going to be successful in life . That ’ s what I get into in this article .
7 SIGNS YOU ’ RE GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL # 1 : SUPER COMPETITIVE Let ’ s start off with number one . Number one is that the people that are going to be successful in life are absolutely super competitive . It doesn ’ t matter what it is . They have to do it faster , better , bigger than everyone else . Their one desire is , “ I ’ m going to do it better than you .”
And in the world of capitalism , it ’ s all about competition . Competition is what makes capitalism work . It ’ s what makes sports work . Politicians that go to the top are typically the ones that are most competitive . They want to figure out a way to do things better .
There ’ s a first place person in every office , every team . Even if the team sucks , there ’ s somebody that ’ s the best on that team . Then you get a new cat that comes to town . Whether it ’ s a work environment or a team , if the new guy ’ s competitive , he puts the guy that ’ s higher than him as a target . He wants to beat him . This impacts everything he does - diet , work ethic , the time he comes in - everything . Why ? Because he ’ s super competitive . And eventually he ’ ll pass the top guy up . It ’ s simply how it is .
# 2 : FINISH THINGS Next , people that are going to be successful like to finish things . Let me explain . When working a puzzle , they can ’ t stop until they finish the puzzle . If they play a video game , they can ’ t help themselves ; they have to finish the game . When reading a book , they have to finish it .
Guys , this is a sign . When I see people that only read the first chapter or two of a book and then ask the question , “ Pat , what do you think , man ? I have 30 books that I ’ ve started that I haven ’ t finished .” Well , that ’ s a sign you don ’ t like to finish things . You like things to be given to you easy . The people that finish things always finish things . And that ’ s a sign they ’ re going to be successful .
# 3 : CIRCLE OUT-EARNS THEM The next sign that someone ’ s going to be a success is that their circle out earns them . The people they spend time with are bigger than them . It ’ s a formula . It ’ s not an accidental thing . That ’ s why you ’ ll notice that some of the people that don ’ t achieve success always want to be around smaller people , because it makes them feel bigger . The people you meet that are super successful , they always put themselves in situations where people are bigger than them . Why ? Because it ’ s the next platform , the next level they ’ re getting to .
# 4 : MIND NEVER STOPS Next , one way you can tell that a person is going to be successful is that their mind never stops . They are always asking themselves questions such as : “ what if this happens ?”, “ what if I could have this life ?”, “ what if I talk to this person ?” or “ what if we figure this out ?”. Successful people never stop thinking .
Another sign that someone ’ s going to be successful is how credible people view them . Let me explain . Let ’ s say I meet John . And John ’ s principal , pastor , football coach , uncle , and boss all say , “ This guy ’ s going places . He ’ s going places .” If those guys gave authentic , real answers , that cat ’ s going places . Why ? Because those people have spent endless hours with him . They know his flaws and habits . They know whether or not he finishes things , if he spends time with people that are ahead of him , and how competitive he is . So if a lot of credible people say that someone ’ s going places , that ’ s a sign he ’ ll be successful .
# 6 : ALWAYS LEARNING The next sign that someone ’ s going to be successful is that they won ’ t stop learning . They can ’ t stop learning . They can ’ t help themselves . There ’ s a desire to get better at everything . So they want to be a better student and learn more .
# 7 : EXTREMELY OBSESSIVE And last but not least , the people that are going to be successful are extremely obsessive . If you could dissect the mind of an obsessive person , it would concern a lot of people . You might ask , “ Does this person really think that way ?” They do . They really do think that way . They ’ re very good at getting what they want because they have to have it . They ’ re obsessed about it . And anytime they ’ re obsessed about it , they start figuring out creative ways to get what they want . Whether it ’ s a business , position , accolades , a certain place or lifestyle they want , they ’ ll figure out a way to get it because they ’ re obsessive . They ’ re just wired that way , and they have to have it .
So those are the seven signs that if you see , you can tell someone ’ s going to be successful .
By the way , there ’ s no 100 % to any of this . No one ’ s ever going to be 100 %. But you want to be at least 70 or 80 %. Because if you do this right , the majority of the time you ’ ll put together the most incredible team in your business so you ’ ll grow and go to different places . +
Patrick Bet-David is CEO of PHP Agency , Inc ., Creator of Valuetainment on YouTube and author of 25 Laws for Doing the Impossible . Visit patrickbetdavid . com