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6 feature FREDERICTON BUSINESS FORUM HERE’S A WAY TO REDUCE YOUR RISK IN BUSINESS CONTENTS 5 LETTER FROM THE OWNERS 6 HERE’S A WAY TO REDUCE YOUR RISK IN BUSINESS 8 NEWS & EVENTS 9 TO BUY OR TO BUILD,THAT IS THE QUESTION Expert Tim Miller Weighs In 10 BODY LANGUAGE TIPS FOR ENTREPRENEURS 12 FIVE WAYS A BUSINESS LOSES SALES 14 FIND MORE TIME IN YOUR DAY 16 BAD HABITS OF SMART LEADERS 20 STEPS TO BUILDING AN ONLINE INFLUENCE 22 TEN PUBLIC SPEAKING TIPS 24 INTERVIEW BETTER: Myth’s Exploded WELCOME Welcome to the summer 2018 edition of Cain Insurance Risk & Business Magazine. The spring weather is slow to arrive in New Brunswick this year, however, business seems to be coming along nicely and we’re sure the weather will improve sometime soon. Our cover for this edition features a group of businesspeople from the Fredericton area who come together on a regular basis to discuss business issues. There is strength in numbers when it comes to solving business problems and having a peer group to bounce things off of is invaluable for many. When Andy Buyting formed this group ten years ago, we had no idea that it would last this long. That in itself is a testament to the value of having a peer group to help you out with business decisions. We think we speak for everyone in the group when we say that many problems have been solved by open and frank discussions around the table. We encourage any businessperson to become part of a peer group where business ideas, problems, and solutions can be discussed in a confidential setting. You will no doubt find that this approach will reduce the risk in your business too. We hope you enjoy this edition and as always invite you to give us a call should you have any questions or concerns with respect to your business insurance needs. 25 THE UNSEEN DANGER OF CYBER LIABILITIES 26 SALES AND MARKETING: THE GAME YOU’RE IN Best regards, 28 ACTUAL CASH VALUE VS. REPLACEMENT COST POLICIES 30 9 TYPES OF LEADERSHIP Luke & Dan CAININSURANCE.CA 5