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Why A Lot Of “ Experts ”

Die Broke

( And What We Can Do To Change That )


There are so many good people in the world with expertise who aren ’ t making the money they desire or having the freedom they deserve - and worse , they aren ’ t making the impact they could .

I ’ m thinking of one of my friends in particular . Every time I talk to him it boggles my mind : He ’ s a world class expert , he ’ s connected to celebrities , he put enormous effort into writing one of the most comprehensive books in the world on his topic matter - and yet , this guy can ’ t make money or market to save his life . He keeps himself broke . The worse part about this is I can ’ t even help him because despite my best efforts to give him marketing books to read , ideas to implement and even trying to send him business ( really !), he just can ’ t bring himself to love or appreciate marketing or money .
I feel for him because he ’ s a really good guy and he is , in my opinion , one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to his topic - but he can ’ t get out of his own way and market . He sees himself as an “ expert ”.
There ’ s nothing “ wrong ” with being an expert , but it ’ s super sad to watch experts flounder . When you have expertise , you can make such a difference in the world and have a huge impact ... but unless you are going to rely on luck , you have to appreciate , respect and love the vehicle that makes that difference and impact possible : Marketing !
If I ’ ve said it once , I ’ ve said it a thousand times : There ’ s no relationship between being good and getting paid ! It doesn ’ t matter how good your product , service or expertise is until somebody has bought it . And let me ask you : What precedes something being bought ? Yes ! Selling and Marketing !
There are a TON of really good people running around with expertise who are broke and never get paid . The reason they never get paid has nothing to do with whether their expertise , product or service is any good ...
... Listen , when I was a dead broke carpet cleaner , I knew how to clean people ’ s carpets and we provided a great service . But when I couldn ’ t get anyone to hire me , it didn ’ t matter . It wasn ’ t until I really appreciated , loved and implemented marketing that everything shifted .
If you ’ re “ good ” and you create value , you ’ ve got to position yourself , your product , your service and / or your expertise in a way that is appealing to people . If you don ’ t , not only will people
never do business with you but you won ’ t be able to serve them either -- and you will never have the kind of freedom you want .
So , having said that : Do you know someone in your life who is an expert , but they just can ’ t seem to get the whole “ money thing ” going ? PLEASE . SEND THEM THIS ARTICLE . It could be the difference between them living a life of regret and the life they deserve . You could be the catalyst that finally helps them make the impact they desire and live the life they deserve . And if that expert is you , then come back to this message and re-read it until you GET the importance of marketing and are using it .
Here are 3 simple questions to get you started so you can make more money and impact with your expertise :
1 . What is ONE thing you can appreciate or love about marketing ?
2 . What ’ s your VISION for your expertise / product / service ?
3 . What ONE marketing strategy / technique / idea are you going to utilize to make that vision real , and by when ?
Start using marketing to make more money , have more freedom and make the impact we all know you can make . Today really can be the last day of the way you used to be . +