Rice Economics Spring 2019 Newsletter - Page 4

Beyond the Hedges: An Interview with Tay Jacobe‘18 Tay Jacobe is a Business Analyst for Deloitte Consulting, LLP in McLean, Virginia. A member of Wiess College, Tay graduated from Rice in 2018 with degrees in Economics and Policy Studies. enjoy tackling interesting challenges and want to explore your options, while still being employed by one company. I can’t emphasize enough how useful this career is for exploring multiple career paths; within consulting, there are so many industries you can work in and service types that you can explore! with people who are smarter and more experienced than me because I can learn from them. My non-work-related favorite part of my job is the travel! I get to explore and experience new places around the country without money as a consideration, which is an amazing way to live at this point in my career. How did your classes at Rice as well as your overall student experience help you prepare for current role in your career? In what ways do you feel you could have been better prepared? How do you like living in McLean, Virginia? How have you enjoyed your first year at Deloitte? I can’t say that any specific class I took at Rice comes into play in my daily work, but I do think my time at Rice was great preparation for consulting. Rice taught me to work hard, to work well with others, and to lead. These skills come into play every hour of every day in consulting. It is an incredibly team-oriented job, so being able to work well in a team is a vital skill. One way that I could have better prepared for the position as undergrad is investing more time in developing skills in Excel, Tableau, SQL, and PowerPoint. Strong technical skills really help you stand out as a consultant, and they also make you more desirable to managers, so that you’re more likely to be staffed on projects that you’re interested in. I would definitely recommend gaining familiarity with some of these platforms if you’re interested in consulting! Consulting definitely has its ups and downs. There are moments when I am really excited about my work, but it is a difficult role that sometimes requires tedious deliverable-making. I really enjoy the parts of my work that present interesting challenges that allow me to work directly with people to help them solve their problems. What can you tell interested students about consulting? Consulting, like Rice, is hard. The job requires you to devote most of your time during the week to work, and sometimes you will be away from home for the entire week. With that in mind, I think that consulting is the type of career that is suited for certain types of people. I wouldn’t recommend that you pursue a career in consulting if you really want predictable work hours or work-life balance in a career. However, I definitely can recommend pursuing a career in consulting if you I’m originally from Virginia, so it’s great because I love the DC area and living close to home. However, I’m not actually home that much because I am usually working at a client site elsewhere in the country during the week. On the weekends, I often exercise Deloitte’s “alternative travel” option, which allows me to fly to another city at no cost (so long as the flight costs the same or less than the flight home). I’ve been trying to take advantage of this opportunity as much as possible and have visited many of my Rice friends, who are working all over the country. This past year has been interesting because it has definitely become a nomadic point in my life in which I feel as if I don’t live in any one place! What are the best parts of working at Deloitte? I really enjoy working with such a talented group of people. Everyone I meet at Deloitte is smart, and I love working 4