Rice Economics Spring 2019 Newsletter

RICE ECON Spring 2019 News and Views from the Economics Department at Rice Spring Break! We hope that you are planning a great spring break and will return refreshed and eager to finish out the rest of the semester. And, to anticipate things a bit, we congratulate our some one hundred ECON and MTEC graduating seniors who will be walking in May and beginning their adventure beyond the hedges – best of luck to you all! In this issue of our newsletter, we continue featuring our undergraduate offerings, as we focus on one of the most essential of our core courses, ECON 200, Intermediate Microeconomics, taught by Professor James Brown. Jim is a renowned instructor who recently received the most prestigious teaching award presented by Rice, the George R. Brown Certificate of Highest Merit, culminating a career in which he won two Brown Prizes for Excellence in Teaching, four Brown Awards for Superior Teaching, the Sarah Burnett Teaching Prize, and was named a Piper Professor. Our faculty spotlight shines on Professor Mallesh Pai, who received the Ralph O’Connor Award for Distinction in Teaching and Research in Economics in 2018. We are also delighted to announce the next in our series of RISE (Rice Initiative for the Study of Economics) Lectures by Nobel laureates, as we bring Professor Christopher A. Sims of Princeton University, recipient of the 2011 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, to Rice on March 21. And, if you haven’t done so already, please stop by the Economics Department offices and meet Joan Guthrie, our (relatively) new department undergraduate program coordinator, who can help out with problems large and small. Meet Joan Guthrie, our new Undergraduate Program Coordinator Joan Guthrie is our new Undergraduate Program Coordinator. Her office is Baker Hall 277, and you can reach her by email at [email protected] or by phone at 713-348-4381. Please feel free to drop by her office anytime for assistance with or questions regarding our ECON and MTEC majors. If you are interested in curricular advising, such as creating a degree plan or course selection, please visit one of our major advisors during their office hours, which are posted on the Economics Website under Advising/Contact and are always displayed under the “Advising Corner” feature of this newsletter. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Joan first began her career at Rice in the Information Technology department in 1990. In 1992, she transferred to the office of the Vice President of Information Technology and then moved on to the Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning in 2000. She left Rice in 2016, taking a short retirement, but returned in the fall of 2018 to begin her current role in the Economics Department. Joan has enjoyed her long career at Rice, and she especially likes attending Rice baseball and football games. If you haven’t checked out our website recently, you might take a look at our listing of various student opportunities, as well as some pointers on conducting research in economics, and on getting your work published in undergraduate economics journals. Hoping the rest of your spring semester goes well, George Zodrow Director of Undergraduate Studies Advising Corner Spring 2019 Advising Office Hours Monday 1:00–3:00 p.m. Peter Hartley, BKH 262 Tuesday 1:15–2:15 p.m. Maria Bejan, BKH 251 Wednesday 4:00–5:00 p.m. James Brown, BKH 250 Thursday 2:30–3:30 p.m. Mahmoud El-Gamal, BKH 240 Friday 10:30–11:30 a.m. George Zodrow, BKH 260 1