Rhose in Bloom Food Edition - Page 5


If I have to choose between money and food, I'd choose money...to buy more food.

I have a love-love relationship with food. You won't tell due to fast metabolism and good genes but I'd probably eat you under the table and then some. I think the creation of amazing, mouthwatering dishes are an art form in itself that I love to observe. I'm useless in the kitchen (there goes the bare foot and in the kitchen theory) but I have a lot of respect for those who excel in it. I know enough to prevent myself from starving but not enough to appease my taste buds at all. I've attended the Fire and Feast Butcher's Festival for the first time this year and I've loved every second of it. Interacting with vendors and entrepreneurs, listening to their stories, sampling their produce, I was in food (and drink) haven. I've interviewed Wild Clover Breweries (pg.14) and Chef Kabelo (pg.16) that I've met there. I was honored to be invited to Big Mac Dinner by McDonald SA and just had to interview Chef Martin (pg 6) and get a recipe from him. As a blogger myself I have huge respect for those that can do justice to food with words and pictures and it was amazing interviewing Kaylee on pg. 10 about her passion for food and blogging. I end off with tech-preneur and classic man Logan Hing and pick his brain about his favorite dish to prepare. This is one issue I've had a lot of fun with and hope to do another one in the near future. Big thanks to @thaaks.i for the cover art, I'm always amazed at your talent.


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