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I am not so into poetry but I do love the poem by Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”.

When I look back on my life, if I did not do that last thing, I would have never been qualified or ready to do the next thing. People ask me how I got into Computer Sales. It was never my intention to become a salesperson or be involved with computers. I

thought I wanted to be a psychologist, but my Mother told me that I should get my degree in Education, as you can always fall back on being a teacher. It is a good thing that I always took the advice from my much wiser Mother, as if I had never achieved a degree in Education, I would have never been qualified to be a teacher of computer products,

However, I loved the idea of learning new technology & then teaching to others. I also never thought I would ever be in sales as that to me seemed rather scary but one opportunity seemed to draw me to the next. Sometimes other people or people I will refer to as mentors, may see something in you that you don’t even see yourself.

I also always enjoyed making people laugh at everyday life & I am finding new opportunities to do this, as well. This is something I am doing now by taking part in being an author is 2 books & also creating my own TV Show, “The Humorous Adventures with Baaaaahbra”!!!

Opportunities show up in your life & you need to contemplate if this would be a good

or bad move in your life. If you really feel something drawing you, you should go for it!!!

Trust me, as I am now having the time of my life!!!

Things Happen for a Reason

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Barbara Gross is a humorous motivational speaker/comedian. She embraces the unexpected of daily living with a smile using her “inner happy” as she believe you have a choice on how you react to any situation. You can laugh or cry; she chooses to laugh. You can reach Barbara at [email protected].

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