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channels, select a show or shows to watch, and go to our show page listening to see all of the TV show series currently being offered on our powerful network.

Q: When I go to the RHG TV Network TM Homepage, nothing is automatically playing? Do I need to do something to watch what is currently playing or available to watch?

A: We have set up the network so that you can select the show you want to watch when you want to watch it. This means, when you go to the network page or respective channel or show pages you get to select and click on the show you want to watch and enjoy! Enjoy leaning in and selecting the programs that uplift, encourage, and empower you!

Q: I love the RHG TV Network TM, and would like to connect further with the hosts and viewers. How can I connect in further?

A: I’m so glad so many of you are enjoying the network. We are very much enjoying bringing it to you. Yes, we have several ways you can connect with our hosts and community of viewers. 1. Each show provides an area below where you can rate the

show and write a comment to the host or about the show. We love your insights, shares and especially knowing what has touched your heart. 2. We have a Global Facebook Community that you are welcome to join and interact with us, our hosts, and our community of viewers. Simply go to: RHG TV Network Global Community on Facebook and join our beautiful community. 3. Our TV hosts love hearing from you and typically share their contact information in their shows and would love to receive an email or call from you.

Q: I would like to be a guest on one of the weekly TV shows/podcasts or I would like to have a weekly TV show or podcast on RHG TV Network TM. Is that possible and if so, who do I talk to?

A: Wonderful! We are always looking for wonderful guest experts for our shows and are looking for TV show hosts and podcast hosts that are wanting to be part of our transformational network. The best way to be considered as a possible guest expert for one of our shows is to reach out to the TV show host directly to see what her guest expert application process is. Regarding possibly creating or having your TV show or podcast to become part of our network, you can set up a time to talk directly with me and I can run through the options and provided the details of how this works: www.MeetWithRebecca.com will take you directly to my calendar to schedule a time for us to talk.

Q: I'm interested in exploring being a writer for this magazine and/or advertising in your powerful Magazine & TV Guide. Do you still have openings?

A: Yes, we do still have openings for both. We currently have a couple more columnist spots open and will be opening soon some Featured Writer opportunities (which include some advertising spots in our package). We also have stand-alone advertising packages too for those who want to create a powerful advertising/visibility campaign. If you're interested in exploring these options you can send us an email at: Rebecca@RHGMediaProductions.com or schedule a time to talk with me directly at: www.MeetWithRebecca.com We are always looking for great writers, recipes, stories, or other powerful pieces that we can bring to our readers and network followers.




Q: How do I find the RHG TV Network TM and watch the TV shows?

A: You find it on the web (as it is an international TV Network) and type in www.RHGTVNetwork.com. This will take you to the front page of our network where you can select a show to watch, review our