RHG Magazine & TV Guide Summer 2017 - Page 27


As entrepreneurs, I believe it is really important that we spend our time and energy carefully and purposefully to move our business/practice forward so we can serve all that we are called to serve. To remember, it’s not about perfection, but connection. This means making choices about what we say yes and no to every day and I believe choosing to have a plan that helps us do the activities and take the steps to move forward effectively. Which also means, we include ourselves in that plan and set ourselves up to SHINE on both a personal level and a professional level. I look forward to seeing you and all of our fellow entrepreneurs find their ongoing business/life balance and SHINE!

We hope you have enjoyed Ask Rebecca! If you would like to submit your questions to Rebecca, please email her at: Rebecca@YourPurposeDrivenPractice.com. In the email indicate if you are okay with her using your name and business along with the question or if you would prefer to have it submitted anonymously.

Rebecca Hall Gruyter is the founder/ owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice, creator of the Women’s Empowerment Series events and TV show, creator of the Speaker Talent Search, and an international best selling author. She is also a popular Talk Radio Show Host, and the compiler of the international bestselling book: Come Out of Hiding and SHINE! Watch for her forthcoming book, Bloom Where You are Planted and SHINE! Rebecca is the CEO of RHG Media ProductionsTM, which launched the RHG TV Network TM(in March of 2017) and the RHG Magazine & TV Guide TM that seeks to bring positive and transformational programming and messages to the world. She believes we can

make a positive global difference and create a lasting positive legacy one show and heart at a time. As the Network Director for VoiceAmerica’s Women Channel in both Radio and TV, she supports women to step forward to share their voice and message with the world. Rebecca wants you to remember you are absolutely needed. You are beautifully and wonderfully made on purpose and for such a time as this. Be willing to be seen on the same level you desire to serve. Let the world see you SHINE authentically and powerfully!


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