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your brain stem which controls the messages between the brain and body, and it is near the reticular activating system which regulates wakefulness and sleep transitions.

• The Alta Major was known as the Mouth of the Goddess in Asian tantric systems, allowing Shakti to ignite and flow down the spine.

• The Alta Major is also known as the portal or galactic doorway to higher forces (or I prefer seeing it as “deeper forces”)

• The Alta Major has roots reaching down the spine into the Root Chakra where is disperses throughout the body and branches up to the Crown Chakra

• The Alta Major is also more directly connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakra.

It just makes sense that this chakra is a portal between our awareness in this world and the intuitive awareness that comes from beyond. I have always experienced my intuitive knowing as coming up through my roots instead of my crown. I now know that those roots are deeply connected to the Alta Major. I was so excited when I came upon this information; it became a wonderful validation for how I understood my own intuitive skills. It boosted my confidence in my intuition to another level.

I believe that everyone has their own unique intuitive style, but we all need validation to move into deeper trust. Trust is the primary key to fully integrating your intuition into your life so it can become the guide it is meant to be. Culturally we have beliefs about what intuition is and how it works and these can get in the way of integrating and trusting our own intuitive style. Those beliefs can cause us to compare and doubt ourselves.

I love to empower women to develop trust in their own intuitive style so they can move forward with deep confidence in their inner guidance (The Inner Tree) and shine. If you think you don’t have intuition or you compare your intuition negatively to others, let me just say that you absolutely do have intuition and it has been there for you all along, patiently waiting for you to notice. I too once thought I wasn’t intuitive, I am actually profoundly intuitive, but first I had to learn how my intuition worked and then I needed time to develop trust in it. It is a relationship and trust develops through experience. If I can do it, you can too.

By putting your unique intuitive style center stage and trusting it, your life will transform and your star will rise and shine brightly. What commitment can you make to yourself to develop that trust?

Maura McCarley Torkildson, "The

Inner Tree Cultivator" empowers

women to trust their bodies, their emotions and their intuition to make better decisions for life.

"Develop trust in your own intuitive style so that you can move forward with

deep confidence..."

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