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Shine Your Light Fully as a Summer Star!

I believe that being a star in your own life is an every day challenge and an honor at the same time. The truth is that you are born into this body as divine essence that is the foundation of the

core star of your own existence.

The challenge is that in order to create a fully innocent manifestation

of who we are as authentic human beings, we need to go first through the veil

of fully forgetting who we are, so

that we can rediscover once more our inner truth:

the fact that we are divine


As children, our parents are gods and

the stars shining in our world. Their words and actions are the laws that shape our reality. Later in life, we allow

teachers, mentors, movie stars, athletes

and other figures of authority to become the stars in our lives. We may go trough life for a long time bowing in front of others while forgetting and dismissing our own divine gifts and potentials.

I want to invite you into a journey of self-healing and empowerment, now. The time has come to take your power back from anyone else now, and fully integrate it into your center of power: the third chakra between the navel and the plexus, or even better into the lower tan t’ien, the area just beneath the navel, the center of our energy body and physical body.

Breathe in, open the palms of your hands and call back your power, now. Call it back to you from all spaces, from all experiences and from all people where your energy has been entangled in the past.  

Receive it now in the palms of your hands. Ask your Higher Self to purify it, to heal it and to bless it harmonizing it to your own frequency. Bring your hands to your navel and allow your power to find its place within you, in your powerhouse. Invite your powerhouse to ignite the flames of light and power and send them over into your brain, into your mind, and everywhere into your body, now. Breathe in, absorb, and integrate all this power into your being now. Expand this power into your life, now. See yourself with new eyes, now. You are powerful. You are your own star, now.

As a summer star in full bloom to what area of your life, do you choose to dedicate your time now, fully shinning your purpose and your calling?

What is most important for you to do right now in your life? You know yourself now to be a star shining its divine gifts in the world; what is the next step that you will take in your life today?


Divine Connections


A Column

by Danielle Nistor

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