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Self-care is your road

to personal stardom

Close your eyes and breathe deep. Now bring-to-mind someone that you felt inextricably drawn to, immediately upon meeting them. You wanted to realign your soul’s energy with their calm, centered energy – even when they were merely smiling benignly and not saying a word. You didn’t want to work the room for contacts. You had found the sun and didn’t need anything else. You soaked up the sustaining, empowering rays of that sun and left feeling fundamentally changed. In your memory, your face turns toward that sun, automatically, without conscious thought.

How would you like to BE that person? You can.

True wisdom relies on deep truths, not surface “feel good,” and it arises when your body, mind, and heart have the raw materials they need to start their own thermonuclear light-generation. The truly creative, innovative, break-out ideas that lead to sustainable income as well as life satisfaction, rely on a solid foundation of decidedly mundane-sounding activities: you need to stop being busy, busy, busy and focus your attention and your energy on 3-5 truly strategic self-care activities (and a similarly-small set of carefully selected business activities).

When you take care of your physical and emotional health in a truly strategic way, your face glows with the centered, calm energy that draws good people, and income, to you. I long to help people find this healthy place. To that end, I’ve created a free course - take the 30-day, five minutes/day challenge and see how your life shifts! This mini-class will guide you through five activities, totaling no more than five minutes per day, that have the highest return on investment of the hundreds of options I have studied.

When you don’t take care of your body, mind and heart, you are starving in the most fundamental way imaginable. So, in addition to your five-minute regimen, make sure that you get 7+ hours of sleep every night, that you eat only healthy food, and that you make time for non-career learning and for fun (even for 5-10 minutes) every day.

When you are physically, mentally and emotionally “fed” in your life, you’ll have time for friends, family, faith and fun, including exercise and hobbies. THAT’s when you get the break-out ideas and clever strategies that set you apart from the noisy marketplace; bringing you the real success that you crave in your career or business, and in your personal life. Joy as a natural outgrowth of self-love and self-care is your proven road to personal stardom.

A star shines by its own self-generated light and power, a power created by plentiful fuel. If your power is derived from what other people think and do, you’re not a star. You are merely a moon. You shine sometimes, but since the power is merely reflected from a star or planet, you can go dark for days or weeks. You are a powerless victim of other-power.

Remember that person you visualized at the start of this journey? S/he is a star, not a moon. Be the sun in your own life. Shut down what makes you a moon. Focus only on what makes you a star. Our own star (the sun) will shine brightly for billions more years, bringing life to an entire solar system. It brings light to the darkness of space regardless of whether any sentient creatures are watching or approving. Take a deep breath and start shining!

Victoria C Leo brings her witty,

style to the serious subjects of health and

wealth for audiences determined to

transform their lives – permanently. With

her no-nonsense, bottom-line approach

married to genuine

warmth and caring, her

programs will blast you

past the barriers that

have been holding you

back from living the life

you deserve to have.

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