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physical or energetic.  I review the safety, maintenance and energy to evaluate the feeling of the space.


Safety is of utmost importance in Energetic Feng Shui™.  Are all bookcases, cabinets, ceiling fans, etc. secure?  Do you have a maintenance schedule to ensure everything is operating efficiently?   Do you have functional fire extinguishers?  Or is that someone else’s job?


I create beautiful business environments that people never want to leave.   Have you walked into a space thinking,  “Ugg, I don’t like it here!”   You want to run, run, run right out the door?   Have you walked into a space saying, “Aww, I could stay here forever!” 


2. Cleaning and Decluttering

A super-charged Energetic Feng Shui™ cleaning looks like this: look up and clean ceilings, corners, dust and cobwebs from every surface, remove or deep clean any fake plants. 


I love my Mechanic. He does great work!  However, I want to run away every time I have my car serviced.  His Shop is dusty, disorganized, and bathrooms are filthy.  It’s not an environment where customers or employees feel comfortable.  No wonder he can’t keep an Office Manager.  He’s had six in the last three years!  It’s not just his employees he cannot retain.  How many potential customers have never returned – because of the way his space looks and feels?  


Sarah’s apartment was a bedroom, office, living room and kitchen all in one room.  Using Energetic Feng Shui™ her messy studio apartment was turned into a beautiful space she never wanted to leave!


Organizing means having a place for everything and everything in its place, including an organized data storage system and computer files.


3. Color and Placement of Objects:

Color has specific meaning and purpose.  For example, placing specific colors in your wealth corner increases your prosperity and abundance.  

Placing pink, red or white in relationship corners improves personal and professional relationships, giving you a new-found sense of belonging. 


Pillar #2: PEOPLE   


This second pillar is about creating your A+Team.  Put the right people, in the right position, with the right compensation.  


We will dive deeper into Pillar #2 in an upcoming article.


Remember Money is Energy.   “ Where Energy Flows, Money Goes™”!


May you have great abundance and success as you Spring Forward with Power, Intention and Purpose!

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Deborah Wiener is a speaker, author and Distinguished Toastmaster. She has been a successful multi-million-dollar international business owner for over 30 years. She is also a Shaman, Western Feng Shui Master and a Reiki Master. Deborah is on a mission to create positive energy in our world. She is an energy changer, an energy booster, and a powerful intuitive consultant. Using her gifts as an energy alchemist she creates magic in her own life and those of her clients. Find her at: www.elementsofchange.net.