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two clients over age 60 who lost over 15 pounds in six weeks and can now see definition in their abdomen muscles. 

~What tip or piece of advice can you share with our reader today to empower them to SHINE?

We each have a unique skill set and a unique story to tell. Shine by sharing your goodness with others. You possess knowledge that you take for granted, but by sharing it you could change someone else’s life for the better. Help every person you encounter evolve into his of her best possible self.


~Any final thought, share, or idea that

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2. Identify your roadblocks & triggers; and

3. Set goals and make a SMART plan.

~What tip or piece of advice can you share with our readers to empower them to SHINE?

Shift their mind to have a growth mindset....people with growth mindsets view failures just as opportunities. The following is written in my book. "Everything begins with a thought and what you think will get into your heart, what gets into your heart will begin to come out of your mouth, and what comes out of your mouth, you will begin to hear, and what you hear, you'll start to believe, and what you believe, you will begin to possess.

~Any final thought, share, or idea that you would like to share with our readers today?

  NEVER believe that too much has happened to you were you can't heal and claim your comaback to have every thing your heart desires. 

you would like to share with our readers today?

You are more powerful than you think. You are not a camera, you are a projector. Your universe is a projection of your beliefs. You have the power to change the projection at any moment, and create a new reality for yourself. You can have it all.

SIMPLE Success School exists to help you evolve into the best version of yourself across all six dimensions of life—spirituality, intellect, money, physicality, love, and entertainment. We provide the mindset and tools for you to achieve optimal health in your mind, body, relationships, and bank account.