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Welcome to our March 2022, Spring Forward Issue of our RHG MagazineTM!

















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Enjoy this special issue as we lean in to supporting you to remember to keep mindfulness, purposefulness, and love in your heart and live as you Spring Forward in 2022 and beyond! Drink in the wonderful articles and shows and make sure to subscribe to our magazine by clicking the information tab and subscribing.    


We send you love and support and hope you lean into a beautiful and powerful new year!

Remember these powerful quotes to inspire and encourage you as you Fall into Balance even in this challenging times:

“Step out of hiding onto the center stage of your life.” —Rebecca Hall Gruyter

“Today, choose your thoughts with great discernment and purpose.” —Kathleen E. Sims

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.Vince Lombardi

“You are the hero(ine) of your story and all of your experiences are a part of your

legacy.” —Mary E. Knippel

Know that you are a gift to all of those around you. A key to tapping into the gift of you is remembering to slow down and allow yourself to be poured into and supported. Then, reach out to others to share the gift of you. Make sure to fill yourself up fully so you have more to give, share and serve powerfully with. Especially at times like this, be willing to lean into who you are. Be willing to share and SHINE in your unique and wonderful way. Remember, what the world needs, is more of you.


In this March issue, we like to focus on keeping that positive and powerfully beginning of the year energy going. Helping you to continue to move forward with purpose and impact. How can we bring mindfulness, purposefulness, and a richness and forward momentum as we start 2022? How are you looking at and defining success?


Our empowering columnists and experts provide powerful articles to support you to share the gift of you powerfully out in the world. We hope you enjoy their powerful articles, insights, positive programs, tips, and encouragement. 

Listed below, please find some highlights of what you find in this issue we are sharing, celebrating, announcing along with the powerful articles we always share to support you live on purpose and with great purpose!


Make sure to check out the TV Guide information in this issue. This programming guide for the RHG TV Network™ will share a little bit about each channel, their shows, and when to tune it to enjoy your favorite shows. Our network allows you free access to our shows (both Television and Podcast shows) (both previously released and current new releases can be played on demand) 24 hours a day. We are excited about all the new programs joining us! 

We’ve added an Audible Book Section, so if you want to keep up to date on the current audibles that we’ve been honored to support and help bring forward then make sure to check out this section.

We have added more powerful writers and a special expert spotlight/highlight articles to bring additional experts and powerful leaders to you! We hope you enjoy getting to know our featured experts, leaders, and writers from around the world. We do have a couple more writer opportunities open; so reach out to me if you’re interested in learning more.

I’m excited to share with you all of our 2022 Best Selling Authors. And you can lean in and see the current list of our upcoming 2022 book launches so you can add the book launch dates to your calendar and lean into adding those books that resonate powerfully to your library at our special $1.99 introductory rate. (Special pricing of $1.99 offered during the first 24-48 hours of a books new release for its bestselling campaign….so you can “Save the Dates.”)