R&G|MAGAZINE Edition #12 - July 2015 | Page 2

CONTENT 6. 10. 16. 18. 20. 26. 30. 38. 50. 56. 64. 71. 78. 82. Even Entrepreneurs need to read! 6 Tips for saving money. Windows 10. Ubuntu Update. Broads Backpackers. Lifehacks. 3 DIY Lunches. Shaheen Patel. 3 Main Body Types. Range Rover Sport SVR. Tomorrowland Review. Winter Fashion for Men. Obama’s Anger Translator R&G|Recap. EDITOR’S NOTE YO. Welcome to the R&G Magazine. On your screen right now is our July issue. Before I get into the required “say what’s in the magazine” part of this editor’s note, I’d like to talk about lunch breaks. I understand that one who works must at some point take a break to have lunch during the day. This is all well and good. The trend in Zambia, though, is that if one takes a lunch break, ALL must take a lunch break. How long is the lunch break? Two hours. I did not stutter. The standard lunch break is two hours long. 12:00 to 14:00. You will most definitely hear the phrase “come back at 14” on a day when you need the help of, usually, a government establishment. I may sound stupid right now, but maybe stagger the lunch breaks? Just a tip from a 24-year-old frustrated citizen. Any government-related venture is not an easy undertaking. “Come back at 14”, as defined by the Government Employee’s Guide to Customer Service, is the equivalent of being told to “sod off” and “come back when I’m ready to deal with you”. How’s that for customer service? Moving on though…what’s in this magazine? We have some travel destinations for you to consider for your next trip out, a piece on the different body types for all you fitness heads, some fashion tips, literature for up and coming entrepreneurs, and a whole load more. All packed into the next plus-or-minus 100 pages. If you needed some good readerage, this is your best bet. Gareth Zebron (Editor)