R&G|MAGAZINE Edition #10 - MAY 2015 | Page 3

EDITOR’S NOTE Hey YOU. Yes, you. This is the R&G Magazine. Hi. I’d like to rant about something I think the general population should be more conscious about. Dress. Salaula is great. Cheap. That’s all well and good. Jump in there and get yourself some second hand clothes. There are two things I want you to do, though, before you wear that stuff. Firstly, wash that stuff a minimum of six times. once you’re done with that, go and get it tailored. There are multitudes of tailors in Lusaka, so there’s no reason for you to walk into your office wearing the suit a 350kg obese man used to wear. What will a tailor do, you ask? He will make it fit your body. Why is this important? Well, do you enjoy looking like a walking maize sack? Do you enjoy being worn by your clothes? DO YOU? I’m just saying, make sure it fits right. You’ll look better and, more importantly, feel better. We have a little something in this month’s issue about custom-made suits. Have a read. This establishment is local, and the suits it churns out are nothing short of extraordinary. It’s time to get dapper. We’ve loaded the May issue of the R&G Magazine with useful stuffs and in next month’s issue, we’re introducing the “Ask the Editor” section, so get started sending your questions through to info@randgevents. com, with #asktheeditor as your subject line. Get stuck in it. Gareth Zebron (Editor)