Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal | Page 3

The dog days are officially here. Sure wet wading and driving without snow chains in high elevation are a welcome relief for some of those who were weary of the winter solstice but at least in our camp now, we would welcome the winds and rains of fall and winter. Such is the human condition we suppose, longing for what we don’t have... But what most of us do have right now is ample opportunity to get out and throw chubby dry flies. The chance to do that wet wading in that tiny creek up around the bend that is usually too hard to get to. The chance to chase those big fish that won’t show themselves in the dead of winter but now chase surface flies like a pubescent school boy chasing girls around the playground. The chance to just go to the river and watch that late night sunset swarmed by an armada of caddis. The chance to close out a stellar day with a nice brew and some good friends. So, as the dog days roll in and some of us sweat half to death, while the other half gets drenched with summer rain showers, join us in celebrating the joys of the summer equinox and all that comes along with it. Life is always good, sometimes it just comes with dry flies.

Tight Lines People.

-The Editors