Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal Winter 2016 | Page 2

Spring will

be here soon.

Winter has done

its bidding to us

and left us all in need

for more or in need of a

reprieve. Life is like this

too and sometimes our lives mirror

the seasons. For us as sportsmen this

seasonal change may be able to bring us a renewed energy as we seek to not only enjoy the last of the cold dark winter where steelhead ghosts crowd the coast lines and brown trout lurk in the dark depths for our streamers but as we also adapt to a changing world where we must remain vigilant against challenges that seek to separate us from our precious natural resources. Through the end of the winter we are challenging ourselves to embrace the cold and dark as well as the challenges that are lurking. Spring and clarity will be here soon, but in the mean time, lets enjoy the journey, no matter the season.