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No doubt , the year of 2016 was the year of South America in the world of sport . The most magnificent of all sporting events , the Summer Olympic Games , finally came to this continent and was hosted by Brazil with great success .
Apart from the Olympic Games and beyond , South America – especially in the sport of weightlifting – is the emerging region and can display the fastest-growing sport in a global context . Especially Colombia and Ecuador have emerged as leading nations in weightlifting with their Olympic and world champions and medal winners in nearly all major events .
Almost all Pan-American events are increasingly concentrated in South America which has been showing remarkable activity in recent years . IWF Youth World Championships hosted by Lima , Peru in 2015 and the IWF World Championships will return there in 2018 .
In the same year , all eyes of the Olympic Movement will once again be on South America : the 2018 Youth Olympic Games will be hosted by Buenos Aires , Argentina .
Undoubtedly , the driving force behind South America ’ s rise and engine of the progress is Mr . José Quinones , President of the Peruvian Olympic Committee , Vice President of the IWF and President of the Peruvian Weightlifting Federation . The latest proof of the top-level management and support to the weightlifting sport is this magnificent and professional South-American Weightlifting Review ! Please accept my warmest greetings and congratulations on this beautiful publication now available to all interested readers all over the world !
Furthermore , please be assured of the IWF ’ s continued support to the development of South America and my warmest wishes , congratulations and greetings to the Editors and all Readers of the Review !
Dr . Tamás Aján IWF President IOC Honorary Member