revista pdf fox 34 tuning guide Fox 34 tuning guide - Page 7

34 adjust the lever position 1. Note the axle number, which is the number at the indicator arrow. 2. Use a 2.5 mm hex wrench to loosen the axle nut keeper screw approximately 4 turns, but do not completely remove the screw. 3. Move the 15QR to the open position and unthread the axle approximately 4 turns. 4. Push the 15QR axle in from the open lever side. This will push the axle nut keeper out and allow you to rotate it out of the way. 5. Continue to push on the 15QR axle and turn the axle nut clockwise to increase the lever tension, or counter-clockwise to decrease the lever tension. 6. Return the axle nut keeper into place and torque the bolt to 0.90 Nm (8 in-lb). 7. Repeat the axle installation instructions to verify proper installation and adjustment. Axle nut keeper screw Axle nut keeper Axle nut Indicator arrow Axle number 7