Revista Mira - Page 19

Ski trip

Before going on the school ski trip, I had never been skiing before in my life so I was looking forward to giving it a go! However, Teacher Aida and I had managed to convince the students of 4° that I was a champion skier, one of the best in the world. I was also looking forward to seeing a different, less well known part of Spain. The coach journey to San Isidro went well. As we got closer and climbed up to the ski station the temperature began to drop and the snow began to build at the side of the roads. We offloaded the luggage and made our way to where we were staying. I was in charge of the boys from 4° who behaved excellently and responsibly throughout the trip. The next day we started to ski. The weather was good and the snow fresh. Once everyone had got their skis, helmets and boots they made their way to the slopes. The children were split into groups according to their ability and helped by the ski coaches there. I made my way to the beginners slope… We stopped for lunch back at the hotel. Each day we skied in the morning, stopped for lunch then skied again in the afternoon. On one of the days we visited the small village just below the ski station. In the light of day we could appreciate the bleak beauty of our surroundings.

Here we went to a small museum about the wildlife of the area before having an afternoon snack. The children all enjoyed the skiing and luckily no-one was hurt. I, however, tried a blue slope which didn’t go so well. It was a lot steeper than I had expected and I kept falling over. I then had trouble putting my skis back on. Luckily, someone on a skimobile came and helped me. I eventually descended the slope, falling over a couple more times but without breaking any bones! The boys of 4° soon started to doubt whether I was really a champion skier after this incident! Another highlight for me was the snowball fight we all had. It ended up being me, with the help of Narea from 1°, against the rest. She helped make snowballs for me and I threw them. It was a good team effort and I think we won. Overall everyone had a great time and I was glad I went.