Revista de Medicina Desportiva Informa Novembro 2019 - Page 34

banner_lateral_revista.pdf 1 22/10/2019 16:27:24 Novembro Dezembro Medica Medicine + Sports Conference Sport: Power to Change the World? 2 nd Global Interdisciplinary Symposium Local: Dusseldorf, Alemanha Local: Praga, República Checa ESSKA Advanced Knee Arthroscopy Course – All about Posteromedial & Posterolateral Laxities 2019 Ankle platform – Foot and ankle course Local: Colónia, Alemanha ESSKA Advanced Knee Arthroscopy Course: All about Posteromedial & Posterolateral Laxities 2019 Local: Roterdão, Holanda Sports Medicine International Congress Moscow 2019 Local: Moscovo, Rússia AMSTEL Elbow course Local: Amsterdão, Holanda C Local: Xangai, China 40 th SICOT Orthopedic World Congress Muscat 2019 Local: Muscat, Omã Euro-Musculus X Local: Lisboa, Portugal EFAS Advanced Symposium Helsinki 2019 Local: Helsínquia, Finlândia 18 th Basic Biomechanics in Orthopedics (BBiOrth) course Local: Marylebone, Londres, Reino Unido EFAS Instructional Course Krakow 2019 ESSKA Advanced Ankle Arthroscopy Course – All about Hindfoot Sporting Injuries 2019 Local: Cracóvia, Polónia Local: Munique, Alemanha BASEM (British Association of Sport & Exercise Medicine) 2019 Annual Conference ESSKA Advanced Knee Arthroscopy Course – All about ACL 2019 Local: Glasgow, Escócia Local: Munique, Alemanha Jornadas Nacionales de Medicina Del Deporte – Medicina del Baloncesto SFA Rennes 2019 Local: Rennes, França Local: Réus, Tarragona, Espanha M 2019 Southeast Asian Games Scientific Conference Y Janeiro 2020 CM Local: Angeles, Filipinas MY ESTRO Lower Limb School Cyprus 2019 Local: Lausanne, Suíça Local: Cratos, Chipre International Conference on “Physical Education and Sports Sciences” CY Conference on Physical Education, Sport and Health CMY K Congress of youth and Winter Sports 2020 Local: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India Local: Pitesti, Roménia 7 th World Congress on Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Fevereiro Local: Abu Dhabi, Emiratos Árabes 4 th Athens shoulder Course 3 rd World Congress on Orthopedics and Physiotherapy Local: Atenas, Grécia Local: Paris, França 34 th German-Austrian-Swiss Congress for Sports Traumatology & Sports Medicine Orthopedic aspects in sports Current Concepts on Knee OA from the cell to the metal Local: Seefeld in Tyrol, Áustria Local: Parma, Itália Sports orthopedics on the knee XIV Congresso da SPAT Local: Braga, Portugal Sports Medical Scientific Annual Congress Ermelo 2019 Local: Munique, Alemanha 21 st Annual AAOS/AOSSM/AANA Sports Medicine Course Keeping Patients Active Through Biologics, Rehabilitation Local: Park City, Utah, Estados Unidos Local: Ermelo, Holanda EPOS BAT Advanced Course: Pediatric Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery Março Local: Viena, Áustria 14 th ISPRM World Congress – ISPRM 2020 X Congreso Peruano de Medicina del Deporte Local: Orlando, FL, EUA Local: Lima, Perú IOC World Conference Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport 56 Congreso Argentino de Ortopedia e Traumatologia Local: Buenos Aires, Argentina Local: Monaco SLARD Annual Meeting 2020 Local: Viña del Mar, Chile 32 novembro 2019