Revista de Medicina Desportiva (English) September 2018 - Page 5

Runporto organizes a few dozen walking and races in the northern region of the country. It has already put on the road several hundred thousand people to do physical exercise, thus being one of the main agents for the promotion of health also with the motiva- tion for the practice of physical exercise. The EDP Porto Marathon, which is held in November, is its main event. It’s also the Marathon of Portugal, which is the only race approved for qualifying times for European for the World Champi- onships and also for the Olympic Games. The high level of organiza- tion and participation has made the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) grant the degree of Bronze Label Road Race. The 15 th edition of the EDP Marathon of Porto (4/11/2018) belongs now to the official calendar of IAAF, a distinction that puts it as one of the best races on the world circuit of mara- thons. The first edition took place in 2004 and 317 athletes partici- pated in the classic distance of 42,195 meters, but in the edition of 2017 had the participation of more than 6,000 athletes from 69 countries (27% were foreign athletes), making it the largest marathon in Portugal. In the three types of participation in the event (Marathon, Family Race and Fun Race) there was more than 15000 people. Congratulations to Runporto and its general director, Mr. Jorge Teixeira, because of the prestige given to Portugal and the promotion of the health that he provides to the Portuguese people. A Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine published on 18 July a press release, in which is expressed the concern about the medical examinations performed by com- panies with “clearly commercial purposes”. It was considered well- timed the production of some considerations, that were supported in the consensus document Recog- nitions Physicians for the Fitness Sports (See full text on the website of the magazine: www.revdespor- of Spanish Federation of Medicine of Sport (SEMED-FEMEDE), presented during the VII National Conference of Medicine of Sport, held in Zaragoza, November 2017. In that note it states that the medical recognition for sports practice is a fundamental tool for the health of the sport, that the “qualification, professionalism, experience and responsibility should be the only requirements to ensure the medical attention received by the athlete”, that any decision should be made with guarantees of physical fitness and that the examination should be carried out by doctors, preferably with Knowledge to perform it, that is, with training on sports medicine. It is, without a doubt, an example that could also follow here in Portu- gal. See comment in the section of FMUP (Dr. José Ramos). It is an unprec- edented work that was lack- ing on the Portuguese medical literature in the field of sports medi- cine, but also of importance for other medical specialties. It was with great com- mitment and persistence that Drs. José Carlos Carneiro and Manuel Vaz, specialists on pulmonology and with dedication to sports medicine, built and coordinated the production of this work, with the contribution of more and three dozen doctors over nearly 30 chapters. This book addresses physiology, anatomy, functional and stress tests, several diseases, the exercise prescription, as well as other actual themes, like doping and sleep, the psychology and the special populations. This book came out because the authors recognize that “the respiratory pathology on athletes is a cause of great concern of the doctors that take care of them”, so it is “an indis- pensable work for clubs and sports institutions and for the education of the clinicians”. The “writing is acces- sible and didactic”, being another reason for its reading. The preface is by Prof. Doctor João Paulo Almeida, the edition is of the publisher Lidel, has the support of BIAL and the ben- efits will be in favor of SPMD. This thematic week was launched on April 19, 2002, in Brussels, by the Commissioner for the Environ- ment, and it came out following the European day without cars, which occurred in 2000 and 2001.  This year›s edition has the slogan Mix and Move! The theme for 2018 is the Multimodality. The Portuguese Environment Agency coordinates in PORTUGAL this European proposal and it states in its website that “the multimodality takes the specific advantages of transport mean as an added value and, in combina- tion with each other, can offer more efficient transport solutions”. Once a year people have opportunity to engage in events dedicated to sus- tainable mobility and beneficial to the health of cities. To have alterna- tives in relation to the private car is the core of this initiative, so to go to the job by bike is a recommended option and to sediment in the behaviors of the people. In the site it can be added the programmed activities. Now, Portugal is the fourth country with more registered counties (40), and the list is led by Spain (300), fol- lowed by Hungary (239) and Austria (202). Interestingly, Switzerland (2), UK (2), Holland (1) and Belgium (1) are at the bottom of this world list. Revista de Medicina Desportiva informa september 2018 · 3