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Medicina DESPORTIVA in forma This issue is supported by: September 2018 Price – 2,50€ There is an increasing concern of the team medical departments about prevention of injuries. This aim is intended to protect health and the physical integrity of the players and the player will be more available to train and play, unnecessary costs with injuries will be avoided and future sequels will be prevented. So far we’re all in agreement. But prevention must also occur on the pitch and here the players and the referees are the main agents. It’s difficult to see the way a player intentionally assaults his opponent COLLEAGUE. It is not well understood how he ostensibly strikes his elbow against the opponent’s body (usually head and neck) or step on his foot or ankle. And the referees temporize for “the good of the show”, for the “playing time”, they say, or “they did not see” or it was a “low intensity” hit. It is not understandable that in a game there are 22 fouls committed by one team and only 6 by the other? It is perhaps explained by permissiveness for the “good of football”. The play- ers and referees are responsible when committing or permitting the fouls, respectively. Everything will change when these agents become liable. In the future, the aggressor player will only play again when the player he injured is playing back again. And the referees, well... these guys are untouchable. However, in the meanwhile, the player does not play because the medical department hasn’t been skilled enough to put back the player in the game. They all already have forgotten how and when the injury occurred. Basil Ribeiro, director. Bimonthly Year 9 Numebr 05 Interview: Professor José Santos 2 News 3 FMUP: Summaries and comments Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of travelers’ diarrhea: a graded expert panel report 4 Reconocimientos médicos para la aptitud deportiva 6 Clinical case: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in High-level Athlete After Infiltration with PRP 7 Texts: Hip Abductor Apparatus Ruptures 10 Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (RED-S) 14 A Conservative Approach to Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis in Athletes 17 Chiari Malformation and Sports Practice 20 The answers of the expert: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy 22 Summary: Physical Activity and Mortality: the Potential Impact of Sitting 26 How many athletes died during the Olympic Games (OG)? 28 SPAT: Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysiolysis and Concomitant Symptomatic Femoroacetabular Impingement in a Young Footballer 29 Agenda 32 A Revista de Medicina Desportiva informa é uma publicação de âmbito nacional, de publicação bimestral e de caráter médico-científico. Tem como objetivo divulgar conteúdos médico- desportivos através de temas de revisão e de investigação, assim como publicar “Casos Clínicos” relacionados com a prática da Medicina Desportiva. Divulga ainda reuniões científicas realizados em Portugal e no estrangeiro. Esta Revista respeita a Constituição Portuguesa e orienta-se por critérios de isenção e de rigor científico, compromisso ético e respeito deontológico. COMISSÃO CIENTÍFICA: CARDIOLOGIA | António Freitas, Dr – Lisboa – Centro de Medicina Desportiva | Miguel Mendes, Dr – Lisboa – Hospital de Santa Cruz | Ovídio Costa, PhD – Porto – Faculdade de Medicina do Porto | Teles Martins, PhD – Lisboa – Departamento de Saúde Naval | Veloso Gomes, Dr – Faro – Hospital de Faro | CIRURGIA GERAL | Bernardo Vasconcelos, Dr – Lisboa – Serviços Clínicos da Portugal Telecom | DERMATOLOGIA | Osvaldo Correia, PhD – Porto – Epidermis – Centro de Dermatologia | FILOSOFIA DA MEDICINA | Manuel Sérgio, PhD – Lisboa | FISIATRIA | Páscoa Pinheiro, PhD – Coimbra – Faculdade de Medicina de Coimbra | FISIATRIA/HIDROLOGIA CLÍNICA | Pedro Cantista PhD – Porto – Centro Hospitlar do Porto | FISIOLOGIA | Gomes Pereira, PhD – Lisboa – Faculdade de Motricidade Humana | José Alberto Duarte, PhD – Porto – Faculdade de Desporto do Porto | GASTRENTEROLOGISTA E HEPATOLOGISTA | Rui Tato Marinho, PhD – Lisboa – Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa | IMUNOALERGOLOGIA | André Moreira, PhD – Porto – Hospital de S. João | MEDICINA DESPORTIVA | J. L. Themudo Barata, PhD – Covilhã – Universidade Beira Interior | João Paulo de Almeida, PhD – Lisboa | Luís Horta, PhD – Lisboa – Hospital Curry Cabral | Maria João Cascais, PhD – Lisboa – Nova Faculty of Lisbon | MEDICINA INTERNA | Teixeira Veríssimo, PhD – Coimbra – Faculdade de Medicina de Coimbra | NUTRIÇÃO | Vitor Hugo Teixeira, PhD – Porto – Faculdade de Ciências da Nutrição | ORTOPEDIA | Fernando Fonseca, PhD – Coimbra – Faculdade de Medicina de Coimbra | João Espregueira-Mendes, PhD – Universidade do Minho; Director Clínico da Clínica do Dragão – Universidade do Minho | João Gamelas, PhD – Lisboa – Faculdade de Ciências Médicas de Lisboa | José Carlos Noronha, PhD – Porto – FPF; Ordem da Trindade | Leandro Massada, PhD – Porto – Centro de Medicina Desportiva do Porto | PEDIATRIA | Carla Rêgo, PhD – Porto – Instituto CUF Porto. Faculdade de Medicina da UP. | PNEUMOLOGIA | Robalo Cordeiro, PhD – Coimbra – Faculdade de Medicina de Coimbra | PSICOLOGIA | Sidónio Serpa, PhD – Lisboa – Faculdade de Motricidade Humana | REUMATOLOGIA | Carlos Vaz, PhD – Porto – Hospital de S. João. | COMISSÃO DE COLABORADORES: FISIATRIA | Gonçalo Borges, Dr – Porto – Hospital da Prelada | Jorge Lains, Dr – Coimbra – Hospital Rovisco Pais | Pedro Lemos Pereira, Dr – Coimbra – Hospital Universitário de Coimbra | Raul Maia e Silva, Dr – Porto | MEDICINA DESPORTIVA | Domingos Gomes, Dr – Porto – CESPU | João Beckert, PhD – Lisboa – Centro de Medicina Desportiva de Lisboa | José Pedro Marques, Dr – Coimbra – FPF | José Ramos, Dr – Porto – Clinica de Gondomar | Nelson Puga, Dr – Porto – Futebol Clube do Porto | Paulo Beckert, Dr – Lisboa – FPF – Clínica Cuf Alvalade | Pedro Saraiva, Dr – Coimbra – Associação Académica de Coimbra | MEDICINA GERAL E FAMILIAR | José Maria Henriques, Dr – Vila Nova de Gaia – Unidade de Saúde Familiar de Santa Marinha | Marcos Agostinho II, Dr. – Torres Vedras – Unidade de Saúde Familiar | MEDICINA INTERNA | Jorge Ruivo, Dr –Lisboa – Hospital de Santa Maria | ORTOPEDIA | Diogo Moura, Dr. – Coimbra – CHUC, FMUC | Hélder Pereira, Dr – Vila do Conde – Hospital da Póvoa do Varzim | Henrique Jones, Dr – Setúbal – Clínica Dr. Henrique Jones | José Lourenço, Dr. – Porto | Paulo Amado, Dr – Rio Tinto – Hospital Lusídas Porto | Pereira de Castro, Dr – Lisboa – SPAT; Desporsano, Clínica de Desporto | RADIOLOGIA | Joaquim Agostinho, Dr – Viseu – Hospital Teotónio | Sérgio Gomes, Dr. – Porto – SMIC. 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