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Pub Grupo Vitalino 1_3 Alto A4 Foto 2.pdf 1 30/10/2014 11:26:09 and gyroscope increase precision, which allows to detect the fall of the exercise practitioner and, then, he can emit an alert to ask for alert on small shortcut. If there is no answer to the alert during the following 5 seconds, it is the system that makes the call! But the great innovation is the inclusion of an EKG monitor only using a finger. There will an alert if the system detects any abnormal- ity on the rhythms. This system was accepted by the American FDA as an interesting device to detect irregular beats, mas it still didn’t have the approval, so Apple still has to prove its efficacy similar to other devices on the market. The recording of the heart rate is still there, with alerts for the higher and the lower values. It is publicized a price of 439€. It is a very interesting “toy” that might be helpful in some clinical contexts. acids (FA) in the skinners, but not in the obese; 3. Induced changes on the metabolic debit of the flora in parallel with the bacterial genes and the production rate of FA. These changes induced by the exercise were reverted with the interruption of the exercise. Interesting, no doubt, and deserved of a deep reflection. The egg is a good food source, can provide immuno- logical protection, it is more available than other animal food products and it is easy to prepare and to store. Some researchers wanted to find out the influence on the anthropometric measures of the addition of one egg (about 50gr) to the usual food (one egg/day, for six months, babies of 6 to 9 months old). This study was conducted on 2015, on rural native persons living on the Ecuadorian mountains, in villages where the prevalence of malnutrition is high (children under 5 years old = 42.5%). This controlled and randomized study finished with 83 children in the control group and with 80 on the study group. The evaluation where performed on the beginning and after six months. The ingestion of eggs reduced the prevalence of malnutrition in 47% and the under- weight in 74%. The scores for weight-age and height-age increased. No allergic reactions were found. The authors concluded that “the early introduction of eggs significantly improves growth on young children … and they can contribute for the global reduction of malnutrition”. The complete test can be found at the site of this magazine: Grupo Vitalino Vitalino GRUPO VITALINO Vitalmédica GRUPO VITALINO Vitagnosis GRUPO VITALINO Vitalcare GRUPO VITALINO Vitalsénior GRUPO VITALINO C M Y CM MY CY CMY The effects of physical exercise in the body are extraordinary and always amazing. Now, in the study Exercise Alters Gut Microbiota Compo- sition and Function in Lean and Obese Humans, published at MSSE, April 2018, it is described the influence of the aerobic exercise over the intes- tinal flora. The authors explored the impact of six weeks of supervised aerobic training (3d/week, from 30 to 60 min/day and 60-75% of the reserve heart rate) on composition, functional capacity and metabolic debit of the intestinal flora on skinny adults (n=18, 9 women) and on obese adults (n=14, 11 women). After this period of exercise, the participants came back to a period of six weeks of sedentarism. Feces samples were collected, under nutri- tion control over the last 3 days. The results indicated that the exercise: 1. Induced changes on the microbial flora, dependent of the nutritional status, but independent of the type of the diet; 2. Increased the con- centrations of fecal short-chain fat K O seu Parceiro na área médico-hospitalar O Grupo Vitalino comercializa, em Portugal Continental e Ilhas, equipamentos e consumíveis médicos e hospitalares, para unidades e profissionais de saúde e público em geral, apostando na melhoria contínua, assim como na distribuição de marcas conceituadas e assistência técnica própria. O Cliente usufrui de um parceiro de qualidade, especializado nas diferentes áreas médicas, repartidas da seguinte forma pelas marcas do Grupo: Vitalino - fisioterapia, ortopedia, consultório, emergência Vitalmédica - assistência técnica Vitagnosis - med. desportiva, med. no trabalho, diagnóstico Vitalcare - dentária, podologia, estética Vitalsenior - cuidados seniores, creches, desinfecção Rua das Tulipas, 160 - 170 4510-679 Fânzeres (GDM) email web tel 22 466 48 89 fax 22 483 22 02