Revista de Medicina Desportiva (English) November 2018 - Page 6

In order to identify in the scientific literature, the papers most-cited articles in medi- cine and science in football, the authors João Brito, George P Nassis, André T Seabra and Pedro Figueiredo did a search in the web and ordered a list of papers, whose criteria was the frequency of citation and published the paper Top 50 most-cited articles in medicine and science in football. On the first sentence of the intro- duction it is justified the great and long-lasting work that the authors had to produce this list. They state that “because the high number of academic publications about football, even the more committed reader will find out that is impos- sible to follow all publications”. They verified that in the list of 50 most cited, 40 are investigation papers (37 observational and only 3 experimen- tal), 9 are revision papers and one is related to a thesis. The investiga- tion of the elite football player has deserved special consideration, since half of the papers were performed on the players and 73% (of the 40) were performed on male players. In the conclusion, the authors lament the lack of experimental studies that would allow the creation theoreti- cal and methodological orientations applied to the science of football. Full text at ESMA (European Sports Medicine Associates) is a section of ESSKA (Euro- pean Society of Sports Trauma- tology, Knee Surgery & Arthroscopy) and is carrying out a questionnaire about Surgeon practice patterns regarding anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and rehabilitation, to find out the surgical and the reha- bilitation procedures carry on by the orthopedic surgeons dedicated to this specific area of orthopedics. It is 4 november 2018 great value questionnaire, since it will allow to be aware of and to learn with the worldwide techniques and that is why everybody is asked to fulfill this questionnaire at https:// r/7G98NYH. The gathered informa- tion is confidential, and it only be used for statistics analysis. We recall that the President of this so impor- tant section of ESSKA is Dr. Henrique Jones, which is the past-President of SPAT (Sociedade Portuguesa de Artroscopia e Traumatologia). The participation in this questionnaire is particularly important for SPAT to understand the information related to this issue in Portugal. To receive more information, one must contact the e-mail It is out of question an extraordinary meeting of sports medicine with privileged interest on the medical support (and not only) to football. The 28 th Isokinetic Medical Group Conference will be held on 27-29 of April of 2019, at the Wembley sta- dium, in London, under the theme Football Medicine meets the universe of sport. The organizers want to answer to several questions, which are: What are the global benchmarks for effective player care models? Which sports have the lowest re- injury rates and why? How can Football Medicine and Sci- ence learn from others in the training and recovery of players? Why do some countries produce more gold medal winners? According to the organizers, it is pretended that this conference will be a forum of sharing of knowledge and good practice in order to “ame- liorate the health, the athletic devel- opment and the long-lasting perfor- mance of the athletes”. The partners of this conference are heavyweights: Isokinetic Medical Group and the 48 worldwide clinical facilities integrated at FIFA Medical Center of Excellence. Like the previous editions, a lot of Portuguese doctors are expected, specially the youngest. For more information, check at http://www. en/2019-wembley/3988/482/. Dr. João Pedro Araújo is the new team doctor of the team Sporting Clube de Portu- gal. This doctor, specialized on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and also on Sports Medi- cine, come back to Portugal after a great professional experience abroad, at the Arabic world, in the teams Al Ahli Club (Dubai) and Al Jazira FC (Abu Dhabi). His experience is unquestionable, and it is recalled that he was the clinical director of Sporting Clube de Braga. He is included in the sports medicine unit of the Clínica do Dragão – FIFA Medical Centre Excellence and he is the founder of Football Medicine ® ( He has been an adviser for the Iranian Football Association and he partici- pated as its team doctor in the World Cup 2018. His areas of interest are the imageology of the muscle- skeletal system, muscle-skeletal system procedures, minimally invasive and echo-guided, health and performance in football, and monitoring and management of the work load in football. He is author and co-author of several scientific publications. It is a welcome return, we all gain with that, mas Sporting is the team that will really win. Last September Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 4, with a bigger size in relation to the previous one (40×44mm), which creates a 30% big- ger display. A better accelerometer