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Prof Doutor Paulo Colaço Coacha and Professor at FADEUP – Porto When one talks about excep- tional sports performance, like the marathon world (42,195km) record achieved by Eliud Kipchoge, the debates focus on training (hard training, long training, intensity, volume), on the physiology (what VO 2 max, running economy, anaerobic threshold?), on the equipment (type of shoes, why arm sleeves?) or even on food sup- plementation. Everybody wants to know the secret and all of us focus on the accessory, in that more visible and colored, leaving behind other issues which are the real support for results of excellence. Yes, it is true that intensities are very high! Kipchoge states that he never neglected speed: “my coach introduce real fast trainings on the track that are so common on the marathon context, but they really helped me a lot”. When we talk about intensity, we cannot forget that the word record was broken at 2:52min/km! Impressive. However, the real success of this tremendous result is far beyond of what can be seen: values, beliefs, team work, solidarity and emotion. This ios the real timekeeper of the athlete that wants to go further… and it is not in the hands or in the feet … it is in the head! The results of exception depend from the begin- ning of an emotional state that should be lived in every training ses- sion. An emotional state of the ath- letes that shiver looking for better training intensities... of the athletes that don’t fear to run faster and look for in the tears the necessary food for the intensity of the training that would hurt a lot otherwise… Here there is no place for effort manage- ment, but a continuous overtaking of barriers, of overcoming. The dif- ference is that, on those that have this spirit, they know that whenever the body allows, there should be the emotion to feed the desire to run faster and faster. Here the emotions are fed by posi- tive values of athletes that believe in what they are doing, that respect unequivocally the coach they have chosen as a partner of a path where the team work is the only way to make the athlete to believe in what he is doing. If the shoes can hypo- thetically give an advantage of 4% in the Marathon, imagine the power of a solidary work between persons that see each other every day with a bright in the eyes of somebody that knows what he is not there to waste time, but to embrace what Kipchoge so well says in his message: “I’d like to tell to all living souls in the world that anybody can reach whatever he wants and that all they need is believe and trust in themselves”. Of course, that nobody can believe in himself if every day he is limited to modest work … because when doing modest work only modest results can be achieved. But when the values, beliefs, team work soli- darity and emotion come together on the daily work, the physiologic Date Athlete Nationality Venue 16/09/2018 Kipchoge Kenya Berlim 28/09/2014 Kimetto Kenya Berlim 29/09/2013 Kiprotich Kenya Berlim 25/09/2011 Musyoki Kenya Berlim 28/09/2008 Gebrrselassie Ethiopia Berlim 30/09/2007 Gebrrselassie Ethiopia Berlim 28/09/2003 Tergat Kenya Berlim 14/04/2002 Khannouchi Marroco London 24/10/1999 Khannouchi Marroco Chicago 20/09/1998 da Costa Brasil Berlim 1985 Carlos Lopes Portugal Roterdan 1960 Bikila a ) Ethiopia Italy (JO) 22/03/1905 b) Hayes USA London (JO) 1896 c) Spiridon Greece Athens (JO) a) He ran barefoot on the streets of Rome; b) 1 st official time of IAAF; c) 1 st Olympic Games of the Modern Era (40km); 42,195km since 1921 (IAAF) markers explode and turn the results of each training session the foundation of competitive results of exception. Kipchoge is not only a good athlete… and the person that only focus on his training times, on his trainings and on the chronometric evolution didn’t yet understood that the results don’t come from there … they come from an exceptional human being, that always under- stood that is every day and in the structuring values in the relation with himself and with the others that he can build a route of success. “With a good heart and good thinking, you can achieve” or “there isn’t almost anything about my training session that cannot be replicated by runners of any level in the world” are phrases of Eliud Kipchoge. And, in fact, it is worthless to copy others’ trainings or to wear sports shoes, because in reality the deciding factor is in the heart and in the mind. Real humility at all levels, every day in the year, opposing arrogant attitudes of runners that look for solutions where they don’t exist… the secret is inside in each of us and in the values that get better along the sports career with the help of an organized training session, with the help of a competent coach and from quality interpersonal rela- tions that would generate emotions that make the real champions. Time 2h 01m 41 2h 02m 57 2h 03m 23 2h 03m 38 2h 03m 59 2h 04m 26 2h 04m 55 2h 05m 38 2h 05m 42 2h 06m 05 2h 07m 12 2h 15m 16 2h 55m 18 2h 58m 50 Revista de Medicina Desportiva informa november 2018 · 31