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Pub Grupo Vitalino 1_3 Alto A4 Foto 2.pdf 1 30/10/2014 11:26:09 the transmission of knowledge that allows better support to the foot- baller, which agrees with the desire of Mr. President of FPF, Dr. Fernando Gomes, which emphasizes that “the publication of this work falls within a policy of sustained and supportive development, in a bet on scientific training in the service of football or in the pursuit o f sports practice with health and safety”. The chosen theme is of greater relevance and opportunity, because the rupture of this ligament in young age is the main risk factor for early develop- ment of knee osteoarthritis. On the other hand, it is too unfair for this to occur in a such young age with great expectations and a huge passion for football. In this book, the almost two dozen authors, with simple language, easily understandable and assimilatable, address various con- tents related to this lesion: anatomy, diagnosis, imaging, rehabilitation, return to competition, prevention, nutrition, the psychological support. The preface is by Prof. José Carlos Noronha. This is a work that every- one should read. Signatories, the opportunities and support to be given to the signato- ries in the event of non-conformity before it evolves for more formal actions, etc. As is stated in the text, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the rules of the Code are applied in all sports and countries, so that clean athletes have confidence, that there is fair competition in the field and that the public also has confi- dence in the integrity of Sport. Grupo Vitalino Vitalino GRUPO VITALINO Vitalmédica GRUPO VITALINO Vitagnosis GRUPO VITALINO Vitalcare GRUPO VITALINO Vitalsénior GRUPO VITALINO The European Directive 2009/39/ EC classified food for sportsmen as “foodstuffs intended for special feeding”. The European Commission for the European Parliament and for the Council on Food for sports- men came to change the concepts and strating from 20/07/2016. The Sports drinks Must contain between 20 Mmol/l (460 mg/L) and 50 Mmol/l (1.150 mg/L) of sodium and present a osmolality between 200 and 330 MOsm/Kg of water. They are elec- trolyte solutions of carbohydrates (HC), which “must contain 80-350 kcal/L from HC and at least 75% of the energy must be derived from HC that induce a high glycemic response, such as glucose, polymers of glucose and sucrose”. Commis- sion regulation No 432/2012 indi- cates that the only claims related to health are that “electrolyte solu- tions containing HC contribute to the maintenance of physical per- formance in resistance exercises” and “electrolyte solutions contain- ing HC increase water absorption during physical exercise”. However, they cannot claim “the reduction of disease risk or the development and health of children”. Ref. cao (No. 8, 10 2017). C M Y CM MY CY CMY K The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) published in April another International Standard of the World Anti-Doping Code (Code): the Code Compliance By Signatories. These standards support the Code and aim to harmonise the specific techni- cal and operational components of the anti-doping programmes. This new standard is only to ensure that signatories (countries, institutions) undertake to comply with the vari- ous legal, technical and operational requirements laid down in the code. Among other aspects, this stand- ard is to establish the functions, responsibilities and procedures of the various institutions involved in the activity of antidoping, the sup- port and assistance that WADA will give to all signatories, the means by which WADA will monitor the adherence to the programme by the O seu Parceiro na área médico-hospitalar O Grupo Vitalino comercializa, em Portugal Continental e Ilhas, equipamentos e consumíveis médicos e hospitalares, para unidades e profissionais de saúde e público em geral, apostando na melhoria contínua, assim como na distribuição de marcas conceituadas e assistência técnica própria. O Cliente usufrui de um parceiro de qualidade, especializado nas diferentes áreas médicas, repartidas da seguinte forma pelas marcas do Grupo: Vitalino - fisioterapia, ortopedia, consultório, emergência Vitalmédica - assistência técnica Vitagnosis - med. desportiva, med. no trabalho, diagnóstico Vitalcare - dentária, podologia, estética Vitalsenior - cuidados seniores, creches, desinfecção Rua das Tulipas, 160 - 170 4510-679 Fânzeres (GDM) email web tel 22 466 48 89 fax 22 483 22 02 Revista de Medicina Desportiva informa may 2018 · 7